Burns, Oregon MRAP Seen Leaving FBI Compound (01/31/16)

Published on Jan 31, 2016 by Freedom from Government

During an interview with a local Burns inhabitant, a convoy is seen leaving the FBI compound near Burns, Oregon including an armored MRAP vehicle.

All live streams from the Malheur resource center have been jammed today, but this footage came from on the ground today outside FBI compound near Burns, Oregon.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/lee.rice2/vi…

4 thoughts on “Burns, Oregon MRAP Seen Leaving FBI Compound (01/31/16)

  1. If you see how high these mraps sit, you can pull alongside throw a grapple hook over the top, then take off in a tangent direction and pull the vehicle over on its side. a couple big truck would have no problem doing this maneuver. fyi.

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