Business licences suspended for Vancouver restaurants that defied COVID-19 health orders

Apr 5, 2021

The City of Vancouver confirms it has suspended the business licences of two Vancouver restaurants for failing to comply with B.C.’s COVID-19 provincial health orders.

Suspension letters and Vancouver Coastal Health closure orders were posted on the front doors of Gusto’s restaurant and Corduroy Lounge.

Video posted to Facebook on Saturday showed what appeared to be staff with Vancouver Coastal Health attending to speak with Corduroy owner Rebecca Matthews.

In the video, Matthews, who is unmasked and has an infant strapped to her chest, tells the inspectors she does not recognize their jurisdiction and that they are trespassing.

Diners at the packed restaurant then join in a chant of “Get out! Get out!” prompting the health officials to leave to cheers from the crowd.

B.C. banned indoor dining for three weeks last Monday, as a part of a “circuit breaker” meant to curb the third wave of COVID-19 infection.

3 thoughts on “Business licences suspended for Vancouver restaurants that defied COVID-19 health orders

  1. Rogue restaurants, common law conspiracies

    Ha ha fkn ha

    And you think you are not in for shit fight..!?

    They are claiming jurisdiction over you and every aspect of your life.

    Only proof that they have such authority is guns and costumes and The claim of rights that the rest of us don’t have..


    The only thing rogue is the Faux corporate Government machine and its military industrial complex, now where have we heard that term before?

    It has to come down to bullets flying in their direction …Its the ONLY thing that will quell this evil coming down on us all, the world over.

    Poor little code enforcers, little Phillip Drue’s just doing their little administrative jobs huh…!

    You are the progenitors of the Stasi that is coming…

    Guess none of you ever studied even basic history.



    1. Hear! Fkn Hear! It’ll be the brave standing their ground among those being threatened with this shit that strike the match! They deserve support for saying “NO!” in the face of tyranny!

  2. crazy White ring speercy therriss and her… common law.. mumbo jumbo!! what’d they call your Mandamus Henry?? nonsensical rambling?? but anyway.. that’s what they’ll do.. in sarcastic tone.. SHE doesn’t have to follow the RULES cause SHE follows Common Law… go watch the courtroom scene in Idiocracy movie… it’s not herd immunity it’s herd mentality and we WILL be the bad guys. it will be OUR fault. …. oooh! I just remembered… JIBBERISH! that’s what they called the Mandamus… yeah.. there’s no need in arguing your case. they won’t hear it. “the constitution is not allowed in this courtroom”.. and that was a phony show trial! (Bundy). but she said it. nowhere to go from there. if you are right and they’re wrong.. you’re fukt.

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