Caitlyn Jenner explores run for California governor


Former reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner is talking with political consultants as she actively explores a run for governor of California, three sources with direct knowledge of her deliberations tell Axios.

Why it matters: Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, is facing a recall election. A challenge from Jenner, a high-profile Republican and previous Trump supporter, would draw heightened attention to the race to lead the nation’s most populous state.

  • Jenner is being assisted in her consideration by Caroline Wren, a longtime GOP fundraiser. Wren initially met Jenner through her work with the American Unity Fund, a GOP nonprofit focused on LGBT issues.
  • Wren previously worked at Trump Victory, a joint fundraising committee for President Trump’s 2020 campaign, and also helped organize the rally he addressed immediately before the U.S. Capitol assault on Jan. 6.
  • A spokesman for Jenner declined to comment. Wren also declined to comment.

Jenner burst onto the national stage when she won the 1976 Olympic decathlon. She transitioned to a woman in 2015 and adopted her new name.

  • She had returned to the public spotlight several years earlier in the reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” which chronicled the life of the blended family into which she married in 1991.

Republicans have launched a recall campaign against Newsom, angry about his immigration and tax policies. The effort gained momentum amid added criticism of the governor’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • In 2003, California Gov. Gray Davis, a Democrat, faced a similar effort.
  • He was recalled and replaced by Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger, a former bodybuilder and star of the “Terminator” movie series.


12 thoughts on “Caitlyn Jenner explores run for California governor

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  1. Decades ago, I actually ran into Bruce Jenner at a casino in Lake Tahoe. I mean I just passed him by and smiled. This was a most beautiful, strong man. Tall and muscular, with a kindly face. That he has disappeared into the psycho programming is so bizarre, disconcerting, sad, even if he is exploiting it and growing rich. They went after a champion. How else to move up and coming generations into aberration? Well, if he/she does run for Governor, I guess we’ll be fully entertained.


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  2. perfect, He makes bad decisions , isn’t that what California is all about ?

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