Calif Pension Fund Mgr. Communist Party Recruit Investing Pension Fund Money in Chinese Military


Feb 17, 2020

Calpers (California’s pension fund- $300 Billion in assets) is the largest state investment fund in the nation. Yu Ben Meng – Calpers Chief Investment Officer has been recruited by the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) Thousand Talents Program which is designed to recruit valuable assets and place them in valuable places. Meng has invested $3.1 Billion of Calpers money in 172 Chinese companies.

Jim Banks (R) Indiana who serves on the House Armed Services Committee has discovered Calpers is investing in co’s involved in Chinese shipbuilding and naval facilities and a company that develops surveillance to spy on the Chinese Muslim population. It has been brought to Gavin Newsom’s attention. Will anything be done about it? Likely not.

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