California Can’t Confiscate Guns Fast Enough, Backlog Continues to Grow

The Truth About Guns – by Dan Zimmerman

California had established a goal of confiscating 20,000 over three years under the new gun control law they enacted following Sandy Hook. They wanted to seize firearms from people who had become prohibited persons or had mental health problems.

But California is having trouble hiring enough people to go out there and seize all those guns. From Fox News . . .  

The law, which was passed in 2013 following the shooting at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook elementary school and set aside $24 million for seizure programs, had a goal of confiscating around 20,000 guns over three years. But six years later, according to a San Francisco Chronicle report, there are still roughly 9,000 of those guns out there, with more being added to the list yearly.

While the state’s new governor, Gavin Newsom, has made gun control a priority of his new administration and has proposed a multi-million-dollar increase to hire more agents, the program reportedly has been hit by retention issues and a lack of experience among new agents.

It seems that no matter how many guns California’s politicians want to confiscate, thanks to the state’s strict gun laws and the ever-expanding list of justifications for forfeiting gun rights, there are always more guns to be grabbed.

“This is just the unglamorous continual need to invest in the task and to see it through,” former state Sen. Mark Leno told the San Francisco Chronicle. “It just does not go away, and the job is never done.”

Looking for work? You, too can have a rewarding career as a California firearms confiscation engineer.

New hires make between $50,844 and $66,852, and a recent report by the California Department of Human Resources found that state agents make around 19 percent less than their local counterparts.

Just dial 1-GRA-BTH-EGUN for more information.

The Truth About Guns

3 thoughts on “California Can’t Confiscate Guns Fast Enough, Backlog Continues to Grow

  1. New hires make between $50,844 and $66,852, to die on thier 3rd day of work

    so for $417 to $549 they too can become a tyrant for a few bucks

    seriously there are people this freaking stupid to put their life on the line for an unconstitutional policy that will more than likely get them dead or sued or on a list of traitors and those to be eliminated once the shit covers the blades ?

    I dont care how hungry you are, you cant be this stupid

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