California Drought, How To Party On The Titanic

Aug 26, 2021
Climate engineering operations are cutting off the flow of moisture to the US West, how much longer can Californians last without rain? Primary reservoirs are about to run dry,  Lake Shasta in Northern California is a case in point. Though there is very little water left in the lake and record wildfires are burning in regions surrounding Lake Shasta, the boat launching and recreating continues unabated. No matter how devastating and dire environmental degradation has become, there are many who are willing to ignore biosphere collapse in order to keep their personal pursuit of pleasure going till the last possible moment. Can the masses be awakened in time?

2 thoughts on “California Drought, How To Party On The Titanic

  1. Waking up to this is like waking up to hell. Shasta was an old stomping ground and mystical things always seemed to happen around there. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes eerie. Can’t explain it.

    I do wish that he let that young couple speak. He kept asking them questions and then jumping in to answer them himself. I would like to have heard more of their perspective as it would have shown what they’ve been taught, or not taught.

    My thirsty earth is suffering. Can’t wait ’till THE PEOPLE OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS take back the suffering world and help heal it to vibrancy, or at least let it heal itself. Greed is anti-healing.


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