14 thoughts on “California Finally Waking Up: This Is Why 59% Of California Has Had It With The Illegal Aliens.

  1. Hard to breathe. This is on the hands of the so-called “leaders.” All the zio-commie bastards who did nothing to protect The Republic but rather work diligently to destroy it!! “Leaders,” my butt. FAKES!! TRAITORS!! DEMONS!!!



  2. Their hypocrisy is stunning….blaming the “white” race for genocide of Native Americans when they, under the guise of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California belonging to MEXICO until the 1840s and later, wiped out HOW MANY NATIVE TRIBES? Hundreds, and not just a few “mission bands” either! That is after THE SPANIARDS WIPED OUT THE YAQUIS, the TOLTECS, the AZTECS and others, then instituted the Spanish language (not the “raza” one! You know, AZTLAN meaning Aztec) and forced everyone to speak Spanish So these DESCENDANTS OF SPANIARDS (mixed with native Mexicans) WANT ALL US “WHITE” FOLKS TO GO BACK TO EUROPE, WHEN THEY THEMSELVES COME FROM EUROPE? Folks, if you want to know what BROWN RACE looks like, head on over to the Middle East….in the meantime, these “AZTALAN/LA RAZA” fakers and psychos need to go back to where they came from…but at least they mostly spoke English…Who woulda thunk it?

    And speaking of hypocrisy, did anyone notice several blacks were also bullied by these utter hypocrites?

    1. What good points, DL, and it’s this aspect to the issue that needs to be brought out far and wide. They sure do know a little about conquest, empire, slaughter. Thank you for this crucial reminder.


    1. A 2 ton valley girl with a attitude and a potty mouth. Another ignorant POS and a professor who doesn’t understand history. They do grow big and dumb in Cali. May she choke to death on her next taco.

  3. They can cry all they want about Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California belonging to them. Fact is, we kicked their ass and took it.

    That’s what happens when your 10 times stronger, smarter and wiser tactically. Yeah, I know unbelievably mean to say, kiss my ass.

    Whether these weak kneed piss ants like it or not, its ours, they want to argue about it, bring it on….

    They have turned this country into s shit hole.

    1. They fly their shit flag in our country and yell and scream like maniacs, kick their asses out, and yes you are going to be kicked out. You are invaders, fk you.

  4. Remember the city of Bell California ? The police captain was making more than the governor… local taxes just kept going up and no one was attending PUBLIC meetings the apathy was so bad….but they did get caught. It’s a lesson for every community…but is still happening – everywhere.

  5. It’s a shame that people have no foresight, and have to learn everything the hard way, because now they have to fix everything the hard way.

    These wetbacks are clearly stating that this is an invasion, and that they’re here to subvert this country and repopulate it with their own people. It’s a blatant, racist attack against white people, coming right out of their own mouths.

    I’ve been warning people about the wetbacks since 1999, when I lived in Vegas. Now it’s a war. Twenty years ago, all you had to do was talk about it, and the problem could have been solved peaceably.

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