California Fire Now Blocking Out the Sun, Lowering Temperatures by 10 Degrees

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

California’s deadliest fire in state history has generated so much smoke that it’s blotting out the sun – which has caused surface temperatures to drop by as much as 10 degrees Farenheit, according to the US National Weather Service.

The smoke from the Camp Fire, which has burned 140,000 acres, claimed at least 56 lives, and is 40% contained, is so bad that anyone in the cities of Chico or Gridley who venture outdoors without a surgical-grade respirator are putting themselves in danger, according to Bloomberg.   

Current air quality across much of the region is very poor. Check with and your local air quality board for more information.

— NWS Sacramento (@NWSSacramento) November 15, 2018

The air in the immediate vicinity of the fire is considered “hazardous” — the worst it can be — and the poorest in the U.S. AirNow has an “unhealthy” rating for the air from Sacramento to Livermore, and it’s only a little better for San Francisco.

The smoke is so thick “it prevents the sunlight from reaching the surface,” said Hannah Chandler-Cooley, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Sacramento. “It prevents surface heating.” –Bloomberg


3 thoughts on “California Fire Now Blocking Out the Sun, Lowering Temperatures by 10 Degrees

  1. Yes they deserve to die.

    And I hope they burn in hell.

    Look at the brightside…

    It could really be worse…

    They could be in Yemen getting bombed by our drones.

    Fkn pussys….

    Oh oh….oh…..there’s a fire…..

    I have a solution. …

    Put the fires out with all the homeless sht in SFO.

    Viable Practical Solutions.

  2. So that’s what happens when Moonbeam and Co. complain about global warming….what goes around comes around… Kimye should do a rap song about it…

  3. I swear blocking the sun out is part of their big agenda anyway. Chemtrails have long been blocking the heat and UV we would normally be getting, amongst other things, so perhaps this is just another “beneficial” byproduct that works for them. ..and kills US.

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