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California Fires & Electromagnetic Conductors

Published on Aug 7, 2018

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4 Responses to California Fires & Electromagnetic Conductors

  1. Katie says:

    If the guard rails were treated with an oil based product wouldn’t this cause them to burn faster?

  2. kinganu says:

    No no no…….the metal fasteners have nothing to do with how they burnt…… the wood they use is pressure treated with a flammable preservative….like say creosote. I you have ever used small pieces of railroad ties for fire starter you know what I mean.

  3. CaptainObvious says:

    These were not in small pieces.
    Go try to light a railroad tie on fire with a lighter flame.
    If they were easy to ignite the railroads would burn down every day.
    Ever watch a train go by throwing showers of sparks for various reasons.
    The ties do not burn easily.
    Diesel and jet fuel are highly flammable but you can throw matches into barrels full of them and nothing happens.
    They will not ignite.
    It has to do with surface area and other things learned by people who study physics.
    For cryin’ out loud.
    Even nitromethane. A fuel that contains its own oxidizer in the molecule while not ignite from a flame.
    Just don’t hit it hard with a hammer, though.
    Look at the twisted steel guard rails themselves.
    Do the people on this website only put negative and ignorant responses on things that I post?
    It sure seems that way to me.
    If you can’t see what this video is showing then you are a lost cause.
    I’m not trying to attack anyone personally.
    But think!
    Use your brain.
    Geeze. Dust in a grain elevator will blow the shit out of everything and kill everybody there.
    Surface area of wheat dust (fuel) mixed with O2 in in the right ratio with an ignition source.
    I’ve seen the aftermath of 2 such explosions years ago in Kansas.
    It wasn’t pretty but it made an impression on my grade school/teenager brain.

  4. kinganu says:

    Well…..my ultimate point is that there NO way in hell that the metal fasteners had anything to do with the ignition of the wood supporting the guard rail.

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