California Fires Line Up Exactly in the Path as CA High Speed Rail System

Before It’s News – by Scott L. Biddle

Anyone paying attention knows these fires are being caused by Direct Energy Weapons, but you may not know the back story…

Now to the new breaking information; These fires were pre-planned decades ago to line up EXACTLY with the new proposed Agenda 2030 high speed monorail system going from San Francisco to LA in lightning speeds.  

The terminal is being built as we speak, only many homes and personal property lie in the way of this new rail system! Now it makes sense as to why the fires have picked up drastically, to complete the rail system as soon as possible!

I will link an article about the monorail system, oddly enough the government wants the entire system to be completed by 2029, one year before Agenda 2030 is online.

What do you think about the graphic above and this situation? Definitely interesting to say the least. Not one video about it but I did add some videos on evacuation routes and fire updates below via Leak Project etc.

7 thoughts on “California Fires Line Up Exactly in the Path as CA High Speed Rail System

    1. Yes, he’s an israeli bafoon….but in this instance he isn’t all wrong. All the leaves and branches lying on the forest floor are the tinder that makes the fire run. If it were even partially cleared out each year,things would be better…however, the tree-hugger hippies lobby against it, and the state of Commiefornia doesn’t allow woodstoves or fireplaces anymore….

  1. We need to quit bickering about who and why and shield ourselves, somehow. There are sound cancelling sounds, why not microwave cancelling microwaves? It’s all resonance and frequency, too bad my brain doesn’t go that high, but Tesla’s did, he invented this stuff.
    Maybe Trump’s relative that stole Tesla’s papers has our answer. He’s dead now, but the Don-alt knows something. That clown is dumb like a fox.

    1. ‘microwaves’…….

      there is a reason why Russia banned the sale of microwave ovens from the general populace for many years…

  2. The “High speed rail system” thing though doesn’t make sense for the fires around Malibu. But it would take more than just “raking” the forest floor–it takes lots and lots of mitigation, burn bans, and allowing for woodstoves and such (Bud is right about that one). If California banned woodstoves and fireplaces, and won’t allow folks to enter common lands and get firewood (like they do here in Texas) then there must be a sinister agenda that is more than just a high speed rail system…seems to me as if they’re just trying to get most everybody but the rich to leave California (and if I lived in Cali, I’d a-left years ago. Many have gone to Idaho, or Texas. But a California license plate will most likely get one a speeding ticket! Around here, anyway.)

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