California governor to order National Guard troops back from border with Mexico

NBC News

California Gov. Gavin Newsom will announce plans Monday to pull back all members of the National Guard who have been deployed to the border with Mexico, saying the state would not be part of the Trump administration’s “manufactured crisis.”

The 360 National Guard troops in California will be redeployed to fight wildfires, expand the state’s Drug Task Force and collect intelligence on drug cartels, Newsom will announce.  

Newsom’s decision comes a week after New Mexico Gov. Michelle Grisham ordered most of her state’s National Guard troops back from the border, citing President Donald Trump’s “border fear-mongering” as the only reason for their deployment.

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3 thoughts on “California governor to order National Guard troops back from border with Mexico

  1. So I’m being serious here; Why do we even have a president OR a Constitution ‘of the United States’, when states can and do whatever they want regarding Amendments or disobey a president’s orders?

    I don’t understand how a state can erect a ‘Free Speech Zone’, declaring outside of that an arrestable offense, make guns or parts illegal, and remove troops the US president orders in place?

    I mean, seriously….. If a state can do whatever it wants, thumbing their nose, why have a prez or Constitution at all?

    And if a state can disobey the Constitution AND a president, why do WE have to obey a state or a president??

    Again, I’m being 100% serious here. Just trying to wrap my head around this.

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