California Immigration Has Ruined The State – Wild Fires, Murders, Tent Cities Is The Sad Result

California has become the poster child for what happens when you let massive immigration into a state without any concern for safety. The state’s policies basically let anybody in, and show what will happen when you have zero regard for the consequences. It was once one of America’s most beautiful regions to live; it now has turned into a third world hell hole.

Uncontrolled idiocy by the state’s traitorous leaders continues to destroy California, and it’s getting worse as millions of hateful enemy immigrants destroy a once beautiful state. 

This hatred of America is going to destroy us, and our leaders could care less. They are turning a blind eye for the sake of cheap labor for millionaires whose greed lords over sanity. They want that cheap butler, maid, and personal chef. The rest of the 99 percent be damned. Criminal immigrants that have been let in are setting these fires, and nobody wants to talk about it. Now, multimillion dollar homes have been destroyed displacing millionaires like never before, yet these idiots continue to support the insanity.

How the state’s long time residents continue to allow their leaders to continue with this traitorous idiocy is beyond comprehension, problem is these enemy immigrants are allowed to vote, and this is the result. California has been destroyed by immigration; anybody who thinks otherwise is out of touch with reality.

Let this be a lesson, although I doubt anything will change as this treason has become malignant, a growing cancer that has taken over with no end in sight. The globalization of America has shown us what we are going to turn into, an unregulated nightmare that eventually will ruin our country, undoubtedly will get millions of innocent American Nationals killed, needlessly.

Gun regulation be damned as this is the least of our problems.

5 thoughts on “California Immigration Has Ruined The State – Wild Fires, Murders, Tent Cities Is The Sad Result

  1. I love California.

    In fact my mom lives there.

    3 miles from Disneyland.

    She’s 90 …

    I keep telling her to lock her doors at night because Mickey mouse might try to come in and rob her.

    She has a little dementia. I don’t think she quite gets the punchline.

    But besides the…earthquakes, fires, human feces on the streets, shitty traffic, ms-13 gangs, smog and fagz.

    It’s actually a beautiful state.


  2. Something like 40 different gangs in southern and central California area.East Los Angles is gang central as is central California, and San Francisco. Hundreds of thousands of illegals make up these gangs supplying California with drugs. They run back and forth to Mexico and to the rest of the country like they own the place, supplying America’s drug addiction.

    California is where it all starts, MS 13 headquarters. California prisons hold leaders who operate freely inside these prisons still controlling the gangs on the outside.

    I’ve watch this state become a hell hole over the years as I was born in Burbank California, adopted, then raised in Southern California, my parents owned a business in Anaheim California for 35 years, I’ve watched this state go to hell in the last 35 years, mainly from Mexicans illegally entering the state.

    1. These stupid ass liberal millionaires are the main problem, kissing illegal Mexican ass for nothing more than greed.

  3. Many countries facing a situation similar to ours, regarding forced immigration, especially in Europe:

    “I don’t like the fact that with 5 million Italians living in poverty, we have to spend 5 billion-a-year for these migrants. We will cut these funds and use them for Italians!”
    — Matteo Salvini


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