15 thoughts on “California New Program “Spit & Acquit” – Give Up DNA & You May Go Free Special Report

  1. Police state expansion.

    DNA doesn’t lie.

    However, those doing the testing are fully capable of doing so.

  2. CALIFORNIA,is and has been the TERROR capital of america for at least 60 years I know of,only idiots live there,the days coming when that WHOLE GOD hating state will go into the ocean,and their murdering of children has guaranteed their place in hell with their daddy lucifer……………………

    1. Alright @sswipe, you just stepped in it.

      You can talk all the sh#t you want about the state itself, I do all the time. But when you arbitrarily categorize EVERYONE in the entire state as idiots, you just took stupid to a whole new level. Many I know here aren’t stupid enough to make a blanket statement such as that about Arizona, so where the f#%k do you get off bad mouthing us, dipsh#t?

      You need to go have a serious talk with your ‘uncle’, dickwad. You know, the one who barely escaped with his life from the Nazi ‘DEATH CAMPS’ (right)? Maybe he can stomp some sense into that thick skull of yours (doubtful, but you need your @ss kicked anyway)

      F**king LOSER!

      1. Agree #1!
        Ya covered pretty much everything thing there,
        I can only think of other worse (Than what you’ve stated) things to say heheh! So I’ll just second that 🙂

    2. Californians all deserve to go to hell because you don’t like the abortion laws of the state. You arrogant “one issue” religious fruitcake, take yourself and your extreme views elsewhere. I’ve heard enough from you.

    1. I think that’s been done here for awhile now … it’s just that it’s catching on here more and more. Can you say police state??

      . . .

    2. Heck Luddite, here in the good ole USA they are drawing blood for drug alcohol tests. Ya know that they will also save some of that blood as a DNA sample for future reference. 🙁 🙁

      1. Over here they just lock you in a cell(or take you to the Salvation army sobering up unit) till you have sobered up. They will only do that if you are really really pissed(Australian slang> Can be used for drunk OR angry). In some cases they will just drive you home.
        I really hate most of the police here but they are absolute angels compared with what you guys have.

        1. You make me want to sell my property and move to your neck of the woods. I probobly would but I am here to stay where I am at in my country Bro.

          1. You aren’t going to get shot by some trigger happy dickhead here which is a big plus. I doubt even one person a year is shot and killed by the SA police. Don’t get me wrong we have our fair share of bastard cops though. There are two women who often patrol together in Adelaide city centre and they are evil man haters. If those two get you and don’t like you(48% of the population) they will always manage to find something to charge you with.
            A friend(associate) of my wife joined the South Australia police and left within two years because of sexual harassment from other women and SAPOL’s lesbian clique.

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