California Priest ‘CANCELLED’ After Calling Out Biden, Pope Francis, Bishop & Vaccine

Father Altman

Yet another Catholic priest has been ‘cancelled’ for daring to criticize the LGBT-friendly hierarchy, pro-abortion Biden, Pope Francis and the covid protocols.

Fr. Francis Gloudeman is a great priest with the Norbertine order in Orange County, California. He recently had his faculties removed after giving a homily that went viral at San Secondo D’asti, parish in Ontario, California, (colloquially referred to as ‘Guasti,’) a parish he helps out at. Unlike most of the other persecuted priests who are at least warned or admonished first, the hierarchy seemed to drop the hammer quickly on this one.

Fr. Francis is a priest whom I know, he has served my dad’s parish for 20 years! I’ve always liked him, Fr. Francis is a great homilist and confessor. He tells it like it is, as you’ll see in the homily below. In June he gave the homily which went viral, in which he admonished San Bernardino, CA bishop Alberto Rojas for being one of 14 bishops who signed a letter allegedly accepting the LGBT lifestyle. (The bishop wrote a letter denying this, you can see that video below.)

But in his homily, Fr. Francis also covered many other “hot button” topics, such as the harmful covid ‘vaccine’ which he said is killing people, doctors who lie to the public, homo priests, Bill Gates, and priests who are closing churches and deny the faithful the Sacraments.

He pointed out that protestants are challenging the covid lockdowns and filing lawsuits, while the Catholic Church rolls over. He criticized priests who dare to deny Catholics Holy Communion on the tongue, which he correctly points out is every Catholic’s right.

“People are leaving to go” other churches, and he names several more traditional Catholic parishes to which people are migrating to, including mine! 😅🙏🏻 Fr. Francis also says that Pope Francis spreads confusion “like a virus!” No wonder they axed him! 😞

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