California Puts Citizens at Risk by Ditching HAM Emergency Comms


Oct 7, 2019

California has decided to discontinue support for HAM radio as a back-up to the state’s communications systems. This is a VERY bad idea, since state communications systems go down OFTEN and are supported by HAM radio operators at zero cost to the state.

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5 thoughts on “California Puts Citizens at Risk by Ditching HAM Emergency Comms

  1. What? They don’t want us talking to each other? Warning each other? I’m assuming this “ditching” is only in an “official” capacity, and not intended to limit personal use of hams. Guess they don’t want us interfering in any of their disaster plans. But begs the question: Should not any and all helpful people and devices be utilized in diverting catastrophe? This is most strange.


    1. they definetly dont want us communicating off normal channels where they can not only listen in , but know and have proof of whos doing the talking

      and FRS radios (“assault radios” with hi cap “clips” ..oooooo they are Black too and scary)

      FCC banned the Boafeng radios

      so are FCC check points next? ..chicken shits

      Come and Take It!

  2. 19,000$ fines per day or 147,290$ for on going violations

    i really guess they dont want us to have this technology against them

    1. As long as they’re willing to try and COLLECT those fines… I guess we’ll see how many king’s men they’ll be willing to sacrifice for the cause.

  3. Did they consult with American nationals with is obvious violation of our Bill of Rights? NOPE! SIMPLE RESPONSE IS , DROP DEAD,,,,

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