California Wants to Exempt LGBT Child Rapists from Sex-Offender Registry

Freedom Project Media – by Alex Newman

Lawmakers in California are working on legislation that would exempt some homosexual and transgender child rapists from the state’s sex-offender registry, leaving registration up to the discretion of the individual judge. 

And considering the make-up of California’s far-left judiciary and the broader state government, it is virtually a certainty that many child-raping homosexuals and transgenders will be left off the list of sex-offenders.

The bill, dubbed “LGBTQ Young People Nondiscrimination in the Sex Offender Registry Act,” is ludicrously being described by proponents as a “civil rights” issue, as if there were a civil right for adult homosexuals to sodomize children.

Under the legislation, a 24-year-old grown man would be able to sodomize a 14-year-old boy and claim it was “consensual.” Of course, 14-year-old children cannot consent to sodomy — or vote, smoke, drink, drive, sign contracts, and so on — because they are children.

Right now, homosexual or transgender rapists who rape and sodomize children are automatically added to the state’s sex-offender registry. This helps alert the local community to the dangers lurking in their midst.

Under the bill, though, state judges would decide on a case-by-case basis whether to add the rapists into the registry, if the victim was within 10 years of the perpetrator. That is how the state currently treats vaginal intercourse, and so, hiding behind “equality,” the LGBT lobby wants sodomy-based rape protected, too.

Even some Democrats thought that was too much to swallow. “No sex between a 24 and 14 year old is consensual,” explained Assemblyman Lorena Gonzalez, a Democrat, when temporarily blocking the widely criticized legislation last year.

But California’s sexual revolutionaries, led by vicious homosexual activist group “Equality California,” exploded in outrage when their bill was blocked. That’s because the state’s perversion lobby is doing everything possible to protect child predators — and to normalize pedophilia, too.

For instance, under the guise of complying with an Equality California-backed statute mandating LGBT indoctrination of children, government schools were caught using a curriculum that included ancient Greek child rape as part of LGBT “history.”

When an outraged mother complained at a public meeting, the Assistant Superintendent of Curricula for the district, Kerrie Torres, dropped a bombshell that sparked a national scandal (and a half-baked cover up by the perverts running the fake fact-checking service Snopes).

“This is done because we are talking about historical perspectives of how gender relations and different types of sexual orientations have existed in history,” said Torres about why pedophilia was being taught to young children. “It’s something that occurred in history, and so this is really important for us to include.”

Another key element of the LGBT history is Harvey Milk, the first openly homosexual elected official in America. Milk, who was elected with support from the cult of mass-murderer Jim Jones, was also a child rapist, and some of his child victims went on to commit suicide.

Influential activists are outraged about the new assault on common sense. “While it’s already disgusting that California law offers any leniency whatsoever toward statutory rapists, it’s wholly unsurprising that LGBT advocates are demanding ‘equality’ for the criminals among their camp as well,” fumed Elizabeth Johnston on her extremely popular “Activist Mommy” site.

“This is all part of a growing trend to normalize adult-child sexual relationships, particularly within the LGBT community, something we’ve been documenting for some time now,” added Johnston, a powerful voice of sanity. “It is simply mind-boggling that anyone would be so deceived as to support legislation like this all in the name of ‘equality’.”

California appears to be becoming the new Sodom and Gomorrah, with perversion enshrined into law and forced down the throats of captive school children while those who resist are viciously demonized and persecuted. Americans must ensure that the deadly disease afflicting the once Golden State does not infect the rest of the nation.

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3 thoughts on “California Wants to Exempt LGBT Child Rapists from Sex-Offender Registry

  1. Can it get more insane than this?!!

    Even though the courts are unlawful and corrupt, this demonstrates how they are moving forward with their perverted agenda, full speed ahead. Caught in the crosshairs, our children. (sad face)


  2. In other words, bribe the judge and won’t get put on the registry. I wonder if every Assembly-person in Californication is a sex offender and or pedophile….or LBGTQ?

    As for “Sodom and Gomorrah”…there is archaeological evidence that (as in the Bible) these two cities really did completely burn, hellfire, and sodomy (or as the KJV says, “know them”) is one of the biggest reasons why.

  3. But “gay rights” wasn’t pushed so they could “normalize” paedophilia, eh? Funny how it led to EXACTLY that in no time at all.

    Since we can declare ourselves to be anything we want now, I hereby declare myself to be a jooish, transgender, homosexual who is of a protected class and my fetish/sexual orientation compels me to beat paedophiles to death with my hands and feet and there isn’t a darn thing anyone can do about it.

    Hey, I was born this way, don’t hate …

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