2 thoughts on “Californian professor slammed for ‘ignorance’ about origin of police

  1. goddamm Enemy.. that was tough to watch!! your weekly dose of WHACKY education.. that’s what they do.. mock scoff ridicule EVERYTHING that is against the narrative.. the party line.. whether the teacher is correct or not is irrelevant.. it’s not what she was SUPPOSED TO say.. i do know it is a true statement. I don’t know if it’s actually where policing started but that’s far enough back to be an argument BUT.. they will have no argument!! they ain’t gonna ask her where she got that “preposterous idea”.. they’re just gonna berate belittle her. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised!! that 2:39 snippet is just a taste of how we can expect to he treated. we won’t be loved for fighting for everyone’s freedom. we’ll be HATED for going against the grain.. rowing in the wrong direction.. with the falls and rocks dead ahead.. we are the bad guys! and I could not be prouder than for my govt to see me as a dOmestic terriss..

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