Do we call them Jews or Zionists?

Published on Mar 13, 2017 by  Activist-News

Today I wanted to talk about jewish identity within Zionism. In particular, I want to address the many people who comment on my facebook page or youtube videos, who try to accuse me of being an anti-semite for saying the word Jew instead of Zionist. A very common tactic used by some people is to try and correct me when i say the word Jew. or they try to get me to start saying the word Zionist instead of Jew. Some people take offence to it, but the vast majority of people who use this argument are speaking from pure ignorance and it is my hopes to explain why.

One thought on “Do we call them Jews or Zionists?

  1. Let’s call them what they are. Khazarians. Most so called “jews” descend from the kingdom of Khazaria (c.650-969) where during the diaspora of the old testament, many real jews fled to all points north, including Khazaria. The entire kingdom converted en masse to Judaism. After the Khazarian empire took the path all empires are destined to trod, these non Semitic Turkic Mongols spread out into the rest of the world calling themselves jews but not having a drop of jewish blood at all. About 90% of all “jews” have central asian dna. Very few are actually semitic….and I don’t believe they are unaware of this.

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