Calls to Fire California Teacher Who Suggested Students Should Pledge Allegiance to Rainbow Flag


The high school teacher said she took down the American flag hanging on the wall of her classroom because it made her feel “uncomfortable.”

A video of a California high school teacher revealing that she suggested her students should pledge allegiance to the gay pride flag instead of the American one is causing fury on social media, as outraged viewers are calling the “shameful” educator to be fired.

The teacher, identified as Kristin Pitzen from the Newport Mesa School District in Orange County, filmed herself on TikTok explaining the recent “pledge of allegiance.”

“Stand if you feel like it, don’t stand if you feel like it. Say the words if you want, don’t have to say the words. So my class decided to stand but not say the words – totally fine,” the teacher tells the camera and then bursts into laughter. “Except for the fact that my room does not have a flag.”

“It used to be there,” she said, pointing to the wall, “But I took it down during COVID.”

The smiling woman is then heard whispering to the camera “because it made me uncomfortable.”

The teacher says she “packed” the flag away and hasn’t “found it yet,” all while laughing.

However, Pitzen then explains that one of her students pointed out that it was “kinda weird that we stand and then we say it [the Pledge of Allegiance] to nothing.”

Pitzen said she promised her students she’d find the flag, all while shaking her head and mumbling “no” to the camera.

“In the meantime, I tell this kid, ‘We do have a flag in the class that you can pledge your allegiance to,” she said while making a sarcastic air quote gesture over “pledge your allegiance” phrase.

“And he like, looks around and goes, ‘Oh, that one?'” Pitzen added, as she turned the camera to the pride flag hanging just besides her and chuckles once again.

The video was first posted on TikTok but has now gone viral with over one million views on Twitter. The teacher’s own TikTok account @MrsGillingsworth has now apparently been taken down, along with the original clip.

Another video from the same teacher, apparently filmed earlier, shows her wearing rainbow-coloured accessories as she tells the camera: “’I pledge allegiance to the queers.”

The clips have provoked a full-fledged cancelling campaign against Pitzen, with calls to contact the school and file a complaint against her. Some accused the teacher of “abusing her authority and position” to promote “biased personal views” to her students and said she was one reason why kids should be homeschooled.

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