Campaign Promises 2012

The propagandists are moving at a hundred miles an hour in their effort to divert our attention away from the ever deteriorating state of our union.  Paul Ryan says Obamacare will take $716 billion from Medicare.  Biden says he is lying.  Obama says Romney wants to continue giving $250,000 per year tax breaks to those making $3+ million per year.  Ryan says Obama wants to expand the welfare state.  Harry Reid says Romney has paid no taxes in the past ten years.

It would seem this dirty corrupt election is being reduced to nothing more than the international corporate mafia airing its dirty laundry in public, after which we the people are expected to continue accepting the status quo, right up until the day we die of hunger in our land of plenty.

For the 1928 presidential election, Herbert Hoover offered a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage.  Republican socialism, to be sure, yet it was at least an offer to the common voter to procure his or her vote.  Now in 2012, if you exclude Ron Paul, all we common folk are being offered is a lesser punishment for we the people as a result of the crimes committed by the international elite.

The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare as a tax, though it was not submitted as a tax and did not originate in our Congress as our Constitution requires.  But this did not matter.  The only question before the Supreme Court was whether the elite insurgents who have taken over our government can be told no to any demand to further strip we the people of our wealth.

It is a tax and it will be paid by those in the middle class who can least afford it and the money will go to provide health care to foreign nationals who have invaded our country with the assistance of our treasonous government.

The Bush era tax cuts for the 1% will continue as it is forbidden for the rich elite to pay any for the austerity that has resulted from their theft, whether it is tax incentives and stimulus dollars for the filthy rich under Obama, or tax breaks and deregulation for the filthy rich under Romney.

It all equates to the same for the rest of us.  Austerity, specifically designed to pay back the $32 trillion we borrowed from the filthy rich to give to the filthy rich to bail them out.

The only way this outrage is ever going to end is via the hands of we the people.  Chaos is growing in our streets, as, more and more every day, battles between the US Gestapo and American nationals are popping up.  We have had enough and then some.  And if the only avenue left to us to regain control of our Republic and our resources is war, then so be it.  We will win and history will record the fact that we were forced to the savagery that became necessary to preserve our lives.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

7 thoughts on “Campaign Promises 2012

  1. Ever notice in the last 3 to 5 years the L.S.M keeps telling us our share of the national debt . There is a reason for that . We are going to have to come up with our ” share ” or else………………………………………………………………Debtors prison for everybody .

  2. Henry as a great patriot why not address in your own words the greatest economic crime against the people and the constitution and post it far and wide. The constitution was written to protect the people from precisely what is happening by promoting the use of wealth (GOLD AND SILVER) as money.

    I know it is difficult at first to comprehend as we have been brainwashed for all our lives and now we need to think because our lives fully depend on it, it is the ONLY reason why so many are poor of wealth. Our ancestors were NOT POOR of wealth because THEY HAD actual gold and silver and they had ample opportunity. Today we are all poor of all wealth, instead of gold and silver wealth in our pockets we have an unbacked paper debt obligation to the zionist elite ie. it is attorney confetti in our pockets and in our bank accounts and unlike our ancestors who had real wealth and had real opportunity we have no opportunity, it is called being POOR.

    A zionist FEDERAL RESERVE whose owners are a secret organization was established by the act of a select few treasonous zionist occult worshipping members of CONGRESS PASSED on CHRISTMAS EVE 1913 when most of the God fearing members of congress were at home celebrating with their families (much like the zionist NDAA passed into law on New Years Eve 2011). The totally unconstitutional and therefore totally against the people FEDERAL RESERVE issues ALL dollar money with due occult homage printed clearly and they charge a due usury to all on their monopoly. The bastards also passed the Income Tax Act setting up the IRS to collect their unconstitutional and criminal dues.

    The stupid taxpayers never question why they are so poor, they act deaf and dumb and blindly accept the unconstitutional dollar script as being money and for insult of intelligence they pay to this due collection agency called the IRS punitive income taxes of which $1.5 trillion per annum go to this secretive organization with its total monopoly as interest due on the national debt. It is a complete sham, a CON, it is unconstitutional and the people of the country are like frogs gradually heated in boiling water being impoverished of all wealth and being killed of all opportunity.

    Paper money is not wealth, it is attorney scripted pieces of confetti paper issued as debt servitude, it is the only means for the elite to steal all wealth and kill all opportunity. It is the reason for poverty and the death of the productive class.

    So much to try understand but so necessary for many to fully grasp. Our future freedom and prosperity for everyone depend on it.

    1. You just covered it quite well. It could have been a post. If you want it to go more in depth and get more coverage on the subject, send it via email and we will post it.

  3. Great write… true. Reduced the productive portion of society to savagery in order to save ourselves. So be it i guess.

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