Can an Anonymous Order deprive American People of their Driving License?

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In the United States, this is understood, that People are entitled to Protection of life, Liberty and Pursuit of happiness. Our Rights are embodied in our licenses; for example Our Right to travel, Right to work, pursuit of happiness depends on our driving license(s). The Rights of American people cannot be taken away without constitutionally mandated procedures in order to reduce the risk of erroneous deprivation.

California issued an anonymous and unsigned letters to suspend a driving license in 2011… The DMV never sent any notification prior to that order of suspension. Since the suspension, the DMV denied all requests to renew the driving license and denied all requests for a hearing before their own judge.   

Motion Pending before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Procedural due process is required in those instances where a person stands to see significant interference with his property rights or his liberty rights. The history of liberty has largely been the history of observance of procedural safeguards. Previously the United States Judge has declared that an unsigned order is not effective as an order and the Judge rely on the precedence. The California Driver filed a Motion to declare an anonymous & unsigned order, an unlawful order.

(Ninth Circuit Case Number : 14-16858, Docket #20- Rehan Sheikh v Brian Kelly)

Link to Motion

Link to Appeal filed in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
Protection of Public or violation of Rights …?


4 thoughts on “Can an Anonymous Order deprive American People of their Driving License?

  1. “Our Rights are embodied in our licenses;….”

    No.. our rights are regulated and infringed upon through the licenses.

    The onslaught upon our freedom isn’t going to end, and you’ll see the push toward total tyranny in every government-controlled aspect of your life. As soon as the latest infringements are ensconced, they’ll push a little further.

    The push toward tyranny ONLY slows down where it meets enough resistance, and it’s not going to stop until the tyrants are dead. Get used to it, and get used to the fact that you’re not going to live in freedom unless you fight for it.

    No one likes it, but that’s the way it is, and the sooner you abandon your pipe dreams and accept this reality, the better your chances of survival.

    1. You’re 100% correct! Unfortunately, rights are now considered privileges by our “over lords”.
      We are quickly morphing into a situation whereupon we WILL have to fight for even the most basic of human rights, including the right to exist.
      Too few of us are willing to fight, as most are effectively afraid of the tyranny of our government. So thus far they have the upper hand.
      We need to consider that metaphorically speaking, we ARE the many dots, our government is the TINT dot-comparatively speaking.
      We must realize this and act appropriately.
      Great post JR!

  2. “The history of liberty has largely been the history of observance of procedural safeguards.”

    This is the NWO’s definition of liberty…

    “permission granted to a sailor, especially in the navy, to go ashore.”

    I prefer freedom, and this is my favorite definition…

    “the power to exercise choice and make decisions without constraint from within or without; autonomy; self-determination.”

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