Can I be drafted? Young people worry about potential draft amid Russia and Ukraine crisis

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — As Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine, many young Americans are now wondering, “Can/will I be drafted?”

Currently, U.S. troops are being shifted to Germany as President Joe Biden vows to stand up to Putin via harsh sanctions, defend NATO allies, and support Ukraine’s fight for independence.

So far, Biden has denied any plans to send American troops to Ukraine to fight. However, that has not stopped young people, particularly those of drafting age (18-25), from worrying about whether they will be required to join the military if the situation grows worse.

draft is defined as a mandatory enrollment of individuals into the armed service. According to, the United States military has been all-volunteer since 1973, but “an act of Congress could still reinstate the draft in case of a national emergency.”

Although talks of women registering with Selective Service have circulated, women remain excluded from any potential drafts after Congress dropped a provision in Dec. 2021. Today, only men ages 18-25 who are U.S. citizens or are immigrants would be required to sign up.

However, there are exceptions for the age group including men who are “incarcerated, or hospitalized, or institutionalized for medical reasons,” and men who are “continually confined to a residence, hospital, or institution.”

Exemptions also apply to some transgender individuals including people who were born female and have “changed their gender to male.” Exceptions do not apply to transgender women as “U.S. citizens or immigrants who are born male and have changed their role to female” would be required to serve.

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10 thoughts on “Can I be drafted? Young people worry about potential draft amid Russia and Ukraine crisis

  1. didnt you get the memo? .. the false narrative of covid is over , its war now,,.. try to keep up

    they will take any willing idiot to fight for their stupidity

  2. Well, if Zelensky can do it… Yep, I can just see Biden forcing all 18-60 year old males into the military to fight for a govt. of criminals…. Unless you’re a member of the elites or an illegal of course… Bwahahahahah!

      1. Let them try it. I think they will figure out real quick it isn’t worth losing three or four to try to get one.
        No one should be afraid of these sons of bitches.
        Anybody who goes along with this new world order operation, is not only a traitor to the written ratified absolute unalienable law of December 15, 1791, but is also an enemy of humanity.

        1. 1,000 yard shots going out from all directions. Coming to a US government office near you! Wishful thinking from someone who has never owned a gun, but who knows that without one, exterminating the vermin won’t be easy.

          P.S. I want to hold your hand. (Just kidding!)

    1. I can see all the 18-60 year old males shooting any mother f-ker who tries to force them to fight for the enemy of the written ratified unalienable law of the December 15, 1791 in order to enslave our own people.
      This is the new world f-king order. They come at us for any reason and we f-king shred them.

  3. As of 2016 if you join military you no longer get retirement at 20 yes. You also only get 5 years of VA.
    Who would sign that dotted?

  4. One draft I know that is real and carries some weight is the one born in the wind that catches you through an open door or window.


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