20 thoughts on “Can Someone Please Tell Me What In The World I Am Looking At? (Style Fashion 2018)

    1. Freak shows are not as unsettling…. Freaks are generally, “born that way”. These assholes have no excuse.

  1. That’s simple, that’s the daughter of the Twilight Zone guy who runs the Cafe at the bus stop. I thought everybody would know that.

  2. I tolerated half of the video, and it seems to me that they’re promoting death as the new fashion.

    I take pride in the fact that I’ve never owned anything fashionable, because the entire industry is based on one famous freak declaring something ridiculous looks good, and a lot of unknown freaks buying it for no sensible reason.

    One good point made by the narrator is the total lack of emotion displayed by the survivors of the alleged Florida massacre. It tends to indicate that either nothing traumatic happened there, or they’re all potential mass-shooters.

    1. You did way better than me. I clicked through it and caught many of the costumes and heads. Didn’t listen to the narrator.

      Thrift stores a great place to get those designer labels if one is interested in a name. I buy what I like whether designer or not. The price is right too.

      1. About 30 years ago I went from wearing Lee Riders every day of my life, to wearing Carhartt overalls every day of my life….. and that’s been my lifetime “fashion statement”

        Comfortable, functional, economical, durable, and a lot of pocket space. That’s all I want from my clothing.

          1. Yes I fit this fashion style but every now and then I accessorize with my welding jacket helmet and gloves, this really highlights the torches and welder. Work with me people, work with me.

  3. They’re pusin’ the envelope, pushin’ the macabre on the culture, gauging if we’ll follow them into the dungeon of decadence and decay. They are soulless and cruel, with mega doses of ugly, and ugly will always be unfashionable. May those industries sink and somehow find oblivion.


  4. Why would you want to bring kids into this world nowadays? Subject them to this garbage?

    Everyday it gets worse..

    1. That is what “they” want you to believe, brother.
      And another important reason for to straighten out this mess.
      If we do not have children and teach truth to them, then what is the use in standing for anything?

  5. I think, the narrator in the video is a great conspirator comic. He’s hilarious!! If you showed this video to the masses, with the images and statements of this video, it just might wake up the most blindest of sheep

  6. The word is retronym…… I’m not sure how to work it into context for this article but it’s basically overtime eventually accepting the absurd. Kind of like Thanksgiving becoming to be called the harvest festival or Christmas something about nothing to do with Christ.

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