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Can Trump End Income Taxes?

Published on Jul 7, 2018

Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Can Trump End Income Taxes?, 2309

Synopsis: This morning Neil Kavuto was asking Jonas Max Ferris about the potential severity of the so-called mini-trade war.

Then Jonas offered an incredible observation that must be going around in the upper stratosphere of the New York financial world, and it made me jump out of my chair to be sure I was recording this.

President Trump may be contemplating a gradual transformation into a new system of taxation that would guarantee that he went down in history as one of the greatest American presidents.

Listen closely to this: [insert] What he said was that we may be moving towards a populist/nationalist tax policy were you only tax people in hidden ways, whether it is a value-added tax and/or tariffs and we move away from income taxes, and this can be permanent.

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12 Responses to Can Trump End Income Taxes?

  1. Katie says:

    Still is still an ignoramus regarding “income” tax. It still is an excise tax and always has been an excise tax on gains from certain federally-connected activities in which most Americans do not engage. There already was an “income” tax in effect before the yes, ratified 16th amendment which did not expand outside of its limited indirect excise tax scope.

    Trump would APPEAR to go down in history as one of the greatest presidents if he were to proclaim what the “income” tax has alway been an indirect excise tax on use of govt. goods, etc. By no means would this be his brilliant mind nor ability.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      We have excise taxes on our wine, our beer, our cigarettes, and just about every consumable good, besides the excise tax on our personal labor.
      The Anti-Federalists spelled it out plain and clear and the Anti-Federalist Papers were made to disappear for 230 years. Our true founders, those who fought for our rights, betrayed themselves in not destroying what they knew to be a clear and present danger to their progeny.
      The average person can never know happiness as long as the aristocrats exist.
      I hate them. That one was for you, Jolly.

      • Katie says:

        My address was specific to “income” tax; indirect excises.

        You’ve sparked my curiosity as to the origins specifically to the alcohol tax.
        The Whiskey Rebellion is a start for me.
        The Distilled Spirits Tax of 1791
        “As part of the compromises that led to the adoption of the United States Constitution in 1789, the new Federal government agreed to assume the Revolutionary War debts of the 13 States. In early 1791, to help pay off the resulting national debt, Congress used its new constitutional authority to “lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises” and passed the first nationwide internal revenue tax—an excise tax on distilled spirits.[1] Congress took this action at the urging of the first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton.” https://www.ttb.gov/public_info/whisky_rebellion.shtml

        • Henry Shivley says:

          Yepper. The problem is they could have no authority, no matter what the excuse, as the 9th Article forbids it. So what did they do? They made it illegal to make whiskey unless you were an agent of the state, which again, they couldn’t do as the 9th Article forbade it.
          The Anti-Federalists saw it. They should have finished the job.

          • Katie says:

            Dang! Right off the bat they were violating and usurping the people.

            No quarter for anyone!

        • flee ( aka Mr. Turd ) says:

          Awesome you know about the whiskey rebellion.

          Yeah… whiskey was our currency at one time.

          Kind of makes me feel better being a raging alcoholic.

          Now don’t tell me them niggars didn’t liked to drink and go on a bender.

          But once they started taking their booze for the king.

          Them white people got mad niggerish.

  2. flee ( aka Mr. Turd ) says:

    Don’t forget they tax you to take a sht.

  3. Koyote says:

    I have a better question;
    Can trump Lie like an egg sucking dog?

  4. kinganu says:

    “The average person can never know happiness as long as the aristocrats exist”….
    I could not agree more.
    I drive a truck and they take a third of my wages every payday. Every time I pull into a truck stop I feel like I am in a foreign country.
    Endless licenses, taxes, permits, fees, rules and regulations

    I am puking sick of all the different ways and excuses they use to rob and threaten me and they will never stop demanding ever more of my blood and sweat until they get it all.
    I don’t have much hope for the future anymore and I have already apologized to my son for what I have to leave for him to deal with.

    There is only one thing that will stop all the psychopathic aristocrats ……a piece of rope and a chair. Anything else is but a waste of time and energy.

  5. mary in ND says:

    I know some who are excited about this… 🙁 🙁 🙁

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