Canada military spends billions developing invisible snowmobiles

An Arctic Ranger rides a conventional snowmobile near Eureka, on Ellesmere Island. According to The Canadian Press, Ottawa has been testing out a stealth snowmobile to help transport Canadian Forces throughout the Arctic without being detected.The View From Falling Down – by D. Neumann

That story you saw at the CBC about stealth snowmobiles is just the tip of the iceberg.

The truth of the matter is that the “Loki” program has cost billions and has had great success in developing stealth snowmobile technology.  

Falling Downs operatives recently visited the top-secret invisible snowmobile test site outside Watdaphuk on Baffin Island, code named “Loki-no-see” and they report that invisible snowmobiles are everywhere.

Colonel Mac Johnson, head of the secret Canadian Forces base at Watdaphuk, says the funding for the top-secret stealth snowmobile development program has come through John Baird’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and Gay Rights and Arctic Sovereignty and Religious Freedom.

Apparently Baird has taken Vladimir Putin’s assault on gay rights personally, and is determined to establish the Arctic as a queer-friendly zone of Canadian influence.

Informed observers will of course recognize that Putin has been simultaneously waging war both on gays in Russia and Canada’s claims to sovereignty in the Arctic, so the Loki-no-see initiative cuts across all the most important currents in Canadian foreign policy, and proves definitively once and for all that as Canadians, we punch well above our weight and talk even bigger.

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