4 thoughts on “Canadian girl crosses border – NO Vax , NO test, NO app, and is free to enter.

  1. Yeah, sure, “free to enter.” But not without an invasive interrogation. Not without harassment. Now without the stealing of time and energy. Not without the spewing of false authority. Not without pains in the ass everywhere. Ugly world needs makeover, and it MOST DEFINITELY WILL get one!!


  2. Fkn vial Nazi Shit man… They all need to be wasted…Disgusting “Pre-Stasi in training” this is how the Third Reich came into being… Game over man…. Rise of the Fourth apparently

  3. they have declared war on all of us and we play de harp. if the people don’t wake up and start organizing to kill all the so-caled government officials and police the nightmare will get worse to the point we become total slaves.

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