5 thoughts on “Canadian Government FORCED KILLINGS of The Elderly at Delta HOSPICE Society EXPOSED

  1. Truth drop! The MAiD did it @2:06!!
    I’m not afraid of dying, but it sure ain’t going to be THAT way.
    Euthanasia, I always thought, was talking about young people in Asian countries, but it’s just another part of eugenics. Human life has zero value to governments, worldwide.
    Free healthcare turns into mandatory death sentence. Coming to a neighborhood near you.

    1. ‘Euthanasia, I always thought, was talking about young people in Asian countries,’ 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. This is a battle to watch. $Bottom line once again ruling the roost. Freedom going head-to-head with that special brand of cruel communism that always does what it does to remain dominant and exorbitantly affluent. Choice lands in the landfill, along with the bodies.

    Is this not another symptom of families torn apart, of a system that hates family-love and the support it offers each other? And isn’t family anyone who cares about us and would help to guarantee dignity for our elderly and dying? That once was the natural order.

    To fight this is to fight for our own freedom, and to help assure no one is ever FORCED to murder another. If this demonry moves forward, it will spawn worse atrocities where an order given must be carried out or else… When our Bill of Rights is upheld, Articles 1 and 4 would take care of this. Let it be.


    1. By the way… Should it be I who is requesting “The Maid,” it would be only MY very own choice. And I just might request it; ya never know.


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