Canadian MP Kevin Waugh Introduces Legislation to Outlaw Holocaust “Denial”


February 20th, 2022.

Emotions Devoid of Proof:
“From early 1941 to Spring of 1945, Six MILLION Jewish children, women and men were murdered in a state-sponsored genocide we know remember as the Holocaust. Holocaust Distortion, Denial, Anti-Semitism must be confronted with the strongest opposition and condemnation. Ignorance fuels intolerance. We must continue to teach the Truth of the Past. Education is the safeguard of history. We must face history with courage and boldly call out and confront intolerance whenever it exists. Passage of this bill will protect the Truth. Thank you Mr. Speaker.”

Proof Devoid of Emotions:
The Zündel Trials (1985 and 1988) By Dr. Robert Faurisson (May 18, 2016)

Dr William Luther Pierce – My Thoughts on the Holocaust (1997)

Auschwitz Plain Facts, A Response to Jean-Claude Pressac from Germar Rudolf (2005)

Gas Chamber Expert Fred Leuchter Interview with Jim Rizoli (2015)

The Leuchter Reports, 2nd corrected edition, 2005, 234 pages

Examining the Holocaust Deception~Historical Revisionist Jim Rizoli’s Two Hour Interview with Red Ice Radio on Feb. 1, 2016

Articles from American Revisionist David Cole (aka David Stein)

The David Cole / JDL Affair
David Cole Interviews Dr. Piper
David Cole: Monstrous Traitor
JDL in America: A Monstrous Traitor
Silence too is an answer
Statement of David Cole
The Most Powerful Proof of the Holocaust
David Cole’s 46 Questions About the Gas Chambers


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4 thoughts on “Canadian MP Kevin Waugh Introduces Legislation to Outlaw Holocaust “Denial”

  1. I saw what they did to David Irving and Ernst Zundel. All the more reason to call out their crimes. F***n’ vermin!

  2. Lies need laws to protect them from the TRUTH!

    The holohoax is a LIE!
    “covid” is a LIE!
    Justine Turdeau is a man! Jacinda Ardern is a woman! Yep, both lies also!

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