Canadian Truckers Vow To Continue “Until It’s A Free Nation Again”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Overnight, truckers with the Freedom Convoy who have gathered in Coutts, Alberta near the border with Montana managed to refuel and re-supply as supporters continued to contribute to keep the protests going even as the RCMP continue to surround them in a blockade that has disrupted commerce – something the government has tried to blame on the truckers.

But back in Ottawa, where hundreds of protesters remain camped out after this weekend’s Freedom Rally at the seat of Canadian government, locals – and local officials (who have already tried to seize money raised for the truckers on GoFundMe) are growing increasingly anxious, since organizers expect the number of supporters in Ottawa to swell in the coming days as the weekend arrives and with it, another wave of protests.

The movement’s organizers have pledged not to relent until the Canadian government drops some of its more draconian policies, including a quarantine requirement that essentially would make life impossible for unvaccinated truckers.

He conceded the protest would likely grow again this coming weekend and “there may not be a policing solution” to resolve the impasse.

Tamara Lich, a spokeswoman for the protestors, said she and fellow organizers had been surprised by the turnout at first “but we are now well organized and are settling in, until Canada is a free nation again.”

Unfortunately, it seems like local police are insistent on cracking down; they have arrested a handful of demonstrators for a range of charges including carrying a “weapon” to “posting threats on social media”.

Police acknowledged to the BBC that demonstrators have come from “all parts of Canada” and some even from the US.

“Most demonstrators have left,” police chief Peter Sloly said at a Wednesday news conference. “What remains is a highly determined and highly volatile group of unlawful individuals.”

He conceded the protest would likely grow again this coming weekend and “there may not be a policing solution” to resolve the impasse.

As we noted above, some Ottawa officials have suggested trying to cut off the supply of donations financing the truckers. One even proposed suing GoFundMe to block the money raised by supporters from reaching the truckers, whom the council member described as “mercenaries” who are “unlawfully occupying our communities”.

While some locals have complained about the disruptions, one organizer of the Freedom Truckers movement tried to explain that blame for these disruptions lies with the Canadian government.

In a statement, Chris Barber – one of the convoy leaders – said the group understood those frustrations but was also being bullied by politicians and members of the press.

“The responsibility for your inconvenience lies squarely on the shoulders of politicians who prefer to vilify and call us names rather than engage in respectful, serious dialogue,” he said.

But the BBC also parroted MSM lies about the truckers out in Coutts, claiming that they had blocked commercial traffic along the border for five days. The decision to block traffic was made by the RCMP, not the truckers. It also quoted the mayor of the small community in Coutts, who claimed the truckers were responsible for the small community being cut off from gas and groceries for days.

But, again, the truckers aren’t the ones setting up the roadblocks.

Meanwhile, the truckers’ protests have garnered support and inspired others in Europe to try and organize a convoy of their own that will converge on Brussels at an unspecified date.

To end things on a lighter note: supporters of the truckers have been stirring up mischief by calling 911 to inquire about PM Justin Trudeau’s whereabouts. According to a WSJ reporter, local authorities have asked them to kindly desist.

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  1. Why don’t you guys start delivering to areas that have lifted mandates and tell “Ottawananonians ;)” that thanks to the action/inactions of Trudeau, they’ll have to drive to those Provinces for what they need, until they do the same. Just a friendly suggestion from a supporter in the US.

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