Candidates sign pledge for Israel

This will likely happen in other countries, maybe already has.

We Believe In Israel

We Believe in Israel and the Israel Britain Alliance have published a list of the 216 General Election candidates who have signed their Pledge for Israel.  

53 of the candidates are Conservatives, 52 Labour, 40 Liberal Democrats, 26 UKIP and 45 from other parties.

Thousands of activists from a range of pro-Israel groups sent emails to their local candidates to ask them to support the campaign.

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13 thoughts on “Candidates sign pledge for Israel

  1. “If elected to the United Kingdom Parliament I Pledge…”
    This is the only line needed to see. Regardless of what is actually in the pledge, and I’ve read it, it’s only what’s good for israel, this is a pledge political hopefuls have to take in the U.K. . What does pledging to israel have to do with that? By the way, this is already happening here and other places. Look up Cynthia McKinney’s interview where she exposes the pledge congressional hopefuls must take to receive financial aid for their campaigns. It’s simple to understand. It’s the protocols of Zion, or the Talmud to put it more directly. I’ve been trying to post videos from a YouTube channel named Johnny Gat. They always come up 404 not found. I strongly suggest watching some of those videos and posting if possible. Nothing better than getting it from the horse’s mouth.

  2. Man, that “we believe in israel” site is a hoot! Click the link and read their “values” and “red lines”! LOL YOU can’t make this shite up!

    But THEY sure can.

  3. Yes…,Cynthia McKinney and look who replaced her! A buffoon to people of reason Mr. Hank Johnson who actually spoke of his concern the island of Guam could be over populated and capsize in the Pacific Ocean. That could deserve a posting here as well. I thinks it’s 4th district Georgia…and those constituents …people of ***** ….often from ******le countries that keep voting him back in. Isn’t that where all those administrative cheating high school exams went down 5 years ago? Great excuse for ignorance!

  4. I pledge allegiance.

    To the fag.

    Under the United States of Israel.

    And to the republic for which it stood.

    One nation scorned by God.

    With liberty and just azz 4 all.

  5. This “award” is obsolete and should be thrown on the garbage dump of history. A courageous politician? And where would one find one of those? On a unicorn ranch?

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