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Cannabis Extracts. CBD or THC? Rick Simpson makes it all clear.

Published on May 16, 2018

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5 Responses to Cannabis Extracts. CBD or THC? Rick Simpson makes it all clear.

  1. Mark Schumacher says:

    Whatever takes the pain away the fastest is what I want, looks like THC for me. Too bad I have to take random drug test, never been popped, never will either, thanks to legal powders like kratom, stuff works like magic. And its legal. I take 4 spoon fulls a day, I have too, this old man has some serious pain going on. Kratom works awesome.

    Swallow 2 tylenol tabs at night with a spoon full of powder, knocks me out like a Mike Tyson punch.

    Henrys boys turned us both onto it, really thankful to those boys.

    I’ve taken a bunch before a drug test, pass every time.

    • JoeSTP says:

      Mark, where do you purchase it, I too have serious back pain, cbd helps, but if this works I do it.

      Thanks Mark.

      • Mark Schumacher says:

        Most smoke shops, call them first to make sure. Just Google “kratom near me” and you’ll get a bunch of locations.

        • Mark Schumacher says:

          You have to play around with the dosage, I use alot during the day. And, it ain’t cheap, something like 47.00 for 220 grams, cost me around 100.00 a month at least (conservative estimate), I use it with Tylenol, that ain’t cheap either
          Pain is a money maker!

          Feel free to email me if you have any more questions! Still tryin to get to Tampa brother.

  2. mary in TX says:

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    H igher
    C hoice

    excellent interview…thanks for post Swifty

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