Can’t Breath While Wearing These Damn Masks

As a senior, I should be retired, living in a home relaxing during my last years of life. Instead, I live in a truck, working my fool head off driving all over the US trying to stay alive. On top of that, I’m now required to wear these damn masks at times while having to deal with the different situations as required. Stairs for example is a real concern for many.

Problem is, breathing becomes a problem. 

We have to walk long distances while dealing with these huge distribution centers, and it’s dangerous. You’re already tired from driving hundreds of miles, and then having to deal with the unloading of the truck sometimes requires all kinds of walking to get unloaded and for paperwork requirements, a big FKG problem.

You’re not getting sufficient oxygen and its dangerous as hell. On top of the sweltering heat, it’s a recipe for a heart attack. I want to put this out there, because it’s a real concern, it’s a shout out to these psychopaths letting them know you had better redesign the damn masks, because you’re killing people needlessly.


16 thoughts on “Can’t Breath While Wearing These Damn Masks

    1. I don’t care if the son of a bitch has a 350 with a 4 bolt main 4 barrel carburetor and a nitrous oxide injector, you put on the mask, you bow to the elite and declare yourself subjugated.


    These bullshit “executive orders” need to be stopped immediately. If anyone feels that they are “safe” wearing those damn things, then they are free to wear one, just like the mindless morons that will line up and gladly take a toxic concoction (“vaccine”). I overheard two ladies conversing in the grocery store last week. One had just returned from a two week trip to Virginia. She was telling the other lady that people there shop in stores with no masks, they eat in restaurants, etc. with no problems what so ever.

    1. Believe me , I dont wear if I can get away with it. But, in my line of work, very few opportunities. If I want to go down that road, im fighting full time instead of working and getting paid.

      They watch us close, especially in these distribution centers.

      That truck is my house, no truck then its a park bench, with a newspaper for a roof.

      FK THAT… im talking mainly about working really, going out on my free time, different story.

        1. Doesn’t mean shit in my line of work. All walmart distribution are required to wear mask.

          KROGER AS WELL..

          You dont comply, your ordered off property. My job is sensitive as hell man, no wiggle room.

          1. When I pick up fresh eggs from the farms, they spray my truck with disinfectant. And make me wear shoe covers. fkg rediculous..

  2. I had to go take a weld test to keep my certifications and was given no choice on wearing a mask. It makes me so mad!!! If I didn’t do it, the way shit is going I would be giving up a chance to ever have a job again. Almost 58 getting harder for me to weld at all. I won’t wear one if at all possible, but that is getting increasingly harder everyday thanks to the commie government unfolding before our very eyes. I go to a little store with cafe inside, half the people dont wear a mask because they are not required in restraunts. None of this shit makes sense to a rational mind…. People can’t go to their church and worship .. but you can go sit in a bar and get f*ckin drunk and slober all the place without a mask. We here at the Trenches know what the F*CK IS GOIN ON!!!!

    1. Yep, some of us have to work, big problem when forced to kill ourselves. Bad situation until something snaps, even worse when your on your own.

  3. Mark, go to home depot and get a “3m Respirator” I used these in construction work for years they are good, if I had to, this would be it!!

    Well Mark, I just checked Home depot Harbor Freight and Eastwood and no stores have them and they are trying to hide them on the websites. I live in Tampabay and this is the notice I got:

    This item is not available in any stores within 100 miles of 33713. They do want us dead.

  4. Hey Mark, I just saw something on the idiot box that I thought I’d share with you and everyone else for a laugh.

    There was a boxer wearing a mask that was making his entrance to the ring and no one as within 6 feet of him. When he and his contender started fighting, I noticed they weren’t wearing any masks and they were practically within kissing distance and breathing all over each other!

    How hilarious is that!!!??

    What a joke this whole mask thing is.

    Just goes to show you how no one stops to think about the logic of it all. Sheeple.

      1. Don’t worry Mark, it can’t get any worse…Can it?
        Hey! it’s just a mask…..

        P.S: More B.S.
        Attention Meijer Customer,

        To help ensure the continued health and safety of our team members and customers, Meijer is requiring all customers wear a face mask or face covering when shopping at any Meijer store or Meijer Express station throughout the Midwest. The requirement goes into effect July 20, 2020.

        On a lighter note:
        By the way, the composer of this little ditty of an announcement, needs a proper education.
        It should be ….Meijer is requiring (THAT) all customers wear a face mask..
        or, Meijer is requiring all customers (TO) wear a face mask….You’d think that
        management would require a proof reading and correction for a major announcement, by a major corporation.
        That’s the public fool system in action.
        It could be a bastardization of the english language brought on by a foolish and endless quest for diversity. Inquiring minds should axe questions, regarding these increasingly common occurrences.

    1. My buddy tells me they’re going to start football. I said, “How the F**K are they going to “social-distance-tackle?”

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