Suspect dead after ramming car into two Capitol Hill police officers


The U.S. Capitol complex was placed on lockdown Friday after a vehicle rammed into two U.S. Capitol Police officers, according to law enforcement.

Several law enforcement sources told NBC News the suspect is now dead.

Both officers were injured, according to the Capitol Police, and a suspect is in custody. The officers and suspect have been transported to the hospital, the agency said.

At least one person was shot, according to a spokesperson for the Washington D.C. Fire and EMS Department. The victim’s condition is not yet known, they added.

NBC News reported that the driver jumped out of the car with a knife after ramming the vehicle into the barricade. The driver then attacked one of the officers, at which point the officers shot at the suspect, according to NBC News.

The incident occurred at North Barricade vehicle access point along Constitution Avenue, the Capitol Police said.

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