7 thoughts on “Captions?

  1. So what we’re saying is, “Al Gore is an absolute idiot.” “He can’t do simple math, so never believe a lying word out of his lying lips.” “We bears know better, and some of us are trying to migrate to less populated areas, more wide open spaces.”

  2. Gore is big coal and a fraud just like man made climate change (unless we are talking chemtrails).

  3. Polar bears…
    They’re so cute and cuddly looking.

    Especially when they take one swipe with their paw and take the head off a baby seal.

    If I could tame one….

    I’d replace my dogs.

    Does a polar bear sht in the woods or on ice….?

  4. They ought to put this in Common Core Math textbooks…I don’t know when Al Gore was born, but if it was, say, 1950…

    Here’s the Common Core Math problem:

    In 1950, there were 7,000 polar bears, and now in 2017 only 30,000 remain. How much reduction in polar bears is there?

    And here is a Common Core Reading question:

    Explain how Global Warming has caused a reduction of polar bears by -23,000 from 1950 to 2017…

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