11 thoughts on “Captions?

  1. Jared has a brother….She converted to Judaism… Vanessa divorced after the white powder scare 3 months ago. Too many tid bits to list. They all answer and do the biddings of whom not to speak above a whisper since 1913.

  2. Is it just me or does that female thing on the right look awfully fake? There is just something wrong with her, no way a face like that can be normal and that giraffe neck she has… Its like looking at some kind of freaky doll.

  3. Look, we are so evil the screen cracked when I took this selfie. Keep smiling though, they’ll never know even the phone screen knows.

  4. I hear they dedicated a new jewish coin to president Trump.

    On one side it has his side bust of his face.

    On the other side is a side bust of BB’s azzhole.

    You can’t use it for a coin toss.

    Because you can’t distinguish which is heads or tails.

    You can’t tell which side of the coin is an azzhole.

    Bada ching…

  5. The old talmudicans pause with the new young Nordic-looking talmudians for a moment of narcisisstic self-admiration. From the huge staged smiles you can tell they really feel the love for themselves! Lookout belooooooow!………..

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