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2 Responses to Captions?

  1. flee says:


    Isn’t that David Hogg…?

    Getting elf microwaved for dinner…?

    Looks like we’re having pork for dinner.

    But seriously. …

    5G will enable the convenience of pointing your smart device at a person and roasting their bawlz.

    Kinda like sticking a person’s head in a microwave.

    I’m not concerned though….

    Because the real scam is….

    Pay more money for shittier unreliable censored internet service.

    Fk… I can go into towns and get 5bars of 3G.

    Now…..since it’s 5G….

    Ur goddammed monthly service bill just doubled.

    Still with 3G service.

    Plus you have to upgrade ur phone for 1K…to use it.

    They should call it 1k instead of 5g.

    Ratt bassturds.

  2. galen says:

    Hi Mom, my chances of being a normal human-being grow dimmer every day. But, gee, I just love climbing up here.


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