Car Bomb at Syrian Funeral – So who dunnit?

The latest footage coming out of Syria shows a funeral procession, in the middle of which there is an explosion followed by a commentator saying that Syrian government forces are responsible.  This was evidently a car bomb.  The Syrian government has high tech weapons that can cause maximum damage.  Yet the mainstream media expects us to believe that the Syrian government is now using car bombs to blow up funeral processions.

There was one short comment at the end of the piece that said the Syrian government blamed the incident on terrorists.

At one time or another since Syria became an issue, there have been mentions in the mainstream that there are three groups at odds in the conflict, the Syrian government forces who want the regime to stay in place, the so called rebels who want regime change, and a third group described as “terrorists” whose only goal seems to be agitating the violence.

You see the thing is, all along in news medias other than those in the US, there has been the contention that the entire Arab Spring has been and is being orchestrated by the US CIA and Israeli Mossad because Israel wants the entire Middle East disrupted and weakened for the purpose of conquest.

If not for Russia, American troops would already be dying in Syria and Iran for the cause of the Israeli Zionists.  As for blaming this latest car bombing on the Syrian government, doesn’t’ this seem to be getting a little absurd?

Assad is making every effort to portray his government’s actions as military operations within Syrian law.  The contention that he would order a car bombing at a funeral defies reason.

I believe the rebels know this contention is absurd but are happy to blame the outrages being committed by the third party terrorists on the government as they want the US led NATO to come into Syria and remove the current regime.  Why?  Because they want to be the new government, and those who run the government live lives of luxury while everyone else is deprived and financing that luxury.

All of those poised to take over if Assad can be removed have already made deals with Israel and the United States that will make certain their path to personal fortune.

Why would we the people of the United States believe one word being put out by our government that is controlled by the Israelis who want Syria for their own benefit?

In fact why would we believe one word being put out by the government that admittedly lied to us about WMDs in Iraq for no other purpose than to invade that country, remove its leadership, and put a government in place that would allow an oil pipeline to be built from Iraq to Israel and then allow the Israelis to buy Iraqi crude for a measly $2 a barrel?

It seems as if the creatures in our government have reached the point that, though they know that the majority of our people no longer believe any of their lies, they have taken the attitude that they will just go forward as if we the people were behind them 100%.

This madness must stop.  We cannot allow our people to be reduced to cannon fodder to be used for any and every purpose the Israelis put forth.  This is pure evil in its truest form and anyone who cooperates with this evil, even in just being silent, becomes a part of it.

God help us refuse to turn a blind eye to the atrocities being committed in our name.

4 thoughts on “Car Bomb at Syrian Funeral – So who dunnit?

  1. Who would believe it? The same idiots who believe 9/11 was act of true terrorism carried by the world’s most ruthless terrorists. This is all about the CIA using promises of wealth to convince terrorists in Syria to create the illusion that the regime is committing crimes against humanity. That would lead to the “white knights” (US and NATO allies) taking military action against the country, toppling the regime and allowing those same terrorists take control of the country (remember Libya?). Immediately you will see a pipeline being built from Syria to Israel. This is nothing more than the theft of Syria’s resources for Israel and the further advancement of the Israeli take-over of the middle east. Anyone who cannot see that is a blind fool.

  2. So, unless you have learned anything from past events, it should be clear that all this chaos is originating in D.C. where the real “Terrorists” have an agenda called “Order out of Chaos”!

  3. A car bomb at a Syrian Funeral? They must have wanted to kill Assad’s body double TWICE to make sure he was dead.

  4. This story is 100% accurate, right down to the 2 dollars a barrel for Iraqi oil. Outstanding journalism!

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