6 thoughts on “Cardiovascular Perfusionist Won’t Take the VAXX, Tells Board If He Doesn’t Work, People DIE!

  1. Bless this man.

    Oh the ripples and tidal waves of this scamdemic. They’re flooding the earth with mini and major emergencies everywhere. Setting peoples’ lives into critical survival mode. Turning upside down what aught to be up and running. They are the Zio-Destroyers, wanting to bring the world to its knees, but thankfully, most prefer standing.


    1. Yes, it is why Everyone who is of the mindset to fight this NWO best know what is up AND Have Your minds ALREADY Set!

      There are NO Good enforcers once they come to Enforce what they are brainwashed to believe is a Lawful Order they have become your deadliest most immediate threat.

      along with All the businesses who are going along with this shit using coercion and duress threatening ones livelihood to take these tests or vaccinations which are coming very very soon; they must all become ashes and know the suffering of us all

      Look at Australia, would we here Not already be shooting them at Will?

      Indeed we would!

      Well it is starting to be implemented here slowly albeit… but it will be in our faces very very soon

  2. Yep, Yep and Yep…. Thanks for the insights we are going need to remember when some assh*le is pounding your door in…. Who gets the first shot…..

  3. Damn straight! This guy says it all. His job is definitely more important than some stupid politician. A politician can only destroy lives, they cannot save them. Hope he continues to do his job and save lives. Screw the politicians!

  4. I’m a retired anesthesiologist. Fortunately. If I wasn’t, I would be doing the same thing as this man. Go ahead and get your emergency cardiac bypass surgery without me or him I will say to anyone who asks. But nobody does.
    Ironically, in today’s environment the cardio-pulmonary bypass perfusionist is just as likely to to be needed to remove giant blood clots from your brain, kidneys, liver, etc. caused by the GD Poisionous Jabs. Meanwhile they kill off all of the old people who would have survived just 2 years ago. My Dad had emergency bypass surgery in ~2003? He lived another 13 years. We 60+ year olds can kiss that kind of care goodbye. Because that is the GOAL of the Treasonous Orginized Criminal Tribe Members behind this gigantic PsyOp.
    I wish I was bald. Then I could quit messing with my hair and making tons fall out every time I comb it. As Charlie Brown would scream. Arghhhhh!

  5. Bravo to this man! Here is someone taking a stand to preserve our rights, even at the risk of his own personal comforts and abilities to provide for himself and his family. And yet there are selfish and weak people taking the poison so they can fly to their club med vacations. I’m so disgusted by the weakness around us, but he gives me hope. Integrity and bravery are still alive.

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