‘Cartel Threatening a Blood Bath’: Huge Border Protest Was Just Cancelled for a Disturbing Reason

Shut Down All Ports Border Protest CancelledTheBlaze – by Zach Nobel

UPDATE (9:30 a.m. EDT): One of the “Shut Down All Ports of Entry” organizers has shed more light on why the protest was called off hours before it was supposed to begin: cartel threats.

“It was [a] cartel threatening a blood bath, [Facebook] hits coming [en] masse from Mexico,” Stasyi Barth told TheBlaze Saturday. “One of the organizers was being followed and was verbally told not to go.”

The plan had been to take a stand for American sovereignty, with ordinary citizens taking action to block the ports of entry along the U.S. border.   

But early Saturday morning, a lead organizer of the “Shut Down All Ports of Entry” protest pulled the plug: Because of “an unsubstantiated threat of mass violence to attendees,” the event was cancelled mere hours before it was supposed to begin.

Citing the threat of violence and “suspicious activity” on the group’s Facebook page, Stasyi Barth said the protest was cancelled around 5 a.m. EDT Saturday.

“Your lives, and the lives of our law enforcement, are more important than any protest,” she wrote.

The protest had called for “deeply concerned” Americans to coordinate en masse and drive up to ports of entry all along the U.S. border and stop their vehicles, with the hope, organizers said, that the resulting economic disruption would force elected officials on both sides of the border to find solutions to illegal immigration into the U.S.

“[Support for the protest is in] Arizona, Texas, everywhere,” Barth, who’s based in California, told TheBlaze on Friday. “We have a Constitution that’s not being abided by. Americans are losing their rights, and America is losing its sovereignty.”

On Friday, Barth said she could not say how many people planned to participate in the protest, though the number of members of the “Shut Down All Ports of Entry” Facebook group — nearly 2,000 early Saturday — gives some indication.

The planned protest had been painted as a militia movement and criticized by government officials and law enforcement over the past few weeks, but Barth stressed that the protest was always meant to be a peaceful affair.

Here’s the list of ports of entry that had been slated for closure, as Breitbart reported:

Texas: Laredo, Rio Grande City, Presidio, Hildago, Brownsville and Del Rio.

California: Calexico West, Calexico East, Stay Mesa, Tecate and San Ysidro.

New Mexico: Columbus and Santa Theresa.

Arizona: Naco, Nogales, Douglas and San Luis.

It remains unclear whether protestors might still show up despite the cancellation for the protests, which were slated to begin at 11 a.m. EDT Saturday.

It was also unclear early Saturday how law enforcement, which had prepared to deploy “whatever force is necessary” to keep the ports open during the protest, might investigate the threats of violence that got the event cancelled.

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20 thoughts on “‘Cartel Threatening a Blood Bath’: Huge Border Protest Was Just Cancelled for a Disturbing Reason

  1. Walk freely through YOUR country, shut down the ports if you like, and go there prepared to defend yourself against anyone’s planned “blood bath”.

    Please do anything but go back to your homes in fear.

    1. Just what we need: more cowardly poseurs like Barth leading us…I’d say she’s more afraid of lawsuits by survivors if this did happen than the destruction of sovereignty and freedom!

  2. Hmmm! the Cartels must have stood to lose a lot of monies in drug trade, etc. We are at war so I can’t see the purpose of an unarmed protest. They must be smoking the pipe of progressiveness. What happened that her DHS, Sheriffs, Border Patrol and National Guard couldn’t protect them and do their job. What a joke!!! We need the Miltia down here because these other Yahoos can’t cut it.

    1. What happened that her DHS, Sheriffs, Border Patrol and National Guard couldn’t protect them

      all work for the same criminal crown system as the cartels do they all need to wear red coats again so ppl can see

  3. “One of the organizers was being followed and was verbally told not to go.”

    Which is why they didn’t want anyone to bring guns. Had that ‘organizer’ been armed, he could have held that person for the so-called ‘authorities’ (who likely would have done nothing, but the ‘plot’ would have been exposed), OR (better plan) he could have just shot the POS that threatened him and dumped the body in the desert.

    O.K., I do tend to daydream at times.

  4. Barth’s supposed “legitimate reason” for organizers shutting down the event comes straight from the stewie rhodes playbook of “how to talk like a courageous Patriot, make money, but actually be a coward and liar.” Obviously, the dangerous cartel murderers who made the “threats” are out riding around on the same drone that was supposed to attack the Bundy Ranch.

  5. Good job. Way to fight back against your oppressors. Run away and hide like cowards. This is pure proof that we need to shut down the ports in order to kick this thing into high gear and get it going.

    We are at war! Arm up and shut down the ports, everyone! SHUT ‘EM ALL DOWN!!!

  6. Well, I guess we never got the chance to see what would happen if police started attacking her for blocking the ports. She just up and ran away with a simple cartel threat. What a joke.

  7. everything’s bigger talk in texass and y’all better take it the wrong way and wake the fk up this aint no protest this aint no i dont feel safe today i just wanna go home youll die in your home sheltered in place cowering in fear

  8. If Staysi’s intent was to promote “Land of the Free, Home of the Cowards”, then she pulled it off nicely.

    Way to go, Barth. Way to show the treasonous government and other countries that we mean business.


    Word of advice: Next time, TRY BRINGING A GUN!

  9. PUSSIES! So let me get this straight, the drug cartels tell US protesters to back down or else and the protesters say, Oh, Okay, I’m scared, so come on in and overrun my country and I’ll just stand back and take it because you made a threat. What would the colonists think of the pussies today? If I were anywhere near the border or could go I would be there in spite of these chicken shit wimps!

  10. lets all stop talking about any of this go hide in our homes its just to skarry they might hurt us call us names beat taz shoot kidnap falsely imprison steal your property oooooooooooooooooh wait they already have they already are lets just all run away
    this just another stunt to discredit those who are physically fighting daily what a bunch

  11. Cartel violence would have made the congress critters force Ocommie to close the border. Even the Dumbocrats would be screaming to put the military on the border.

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