CASHLESS SOCIETY 2020: Coronavirus Swings Society to “Touch Free” Digital ID and Digital Currency

The Great Recession

Many people are warming up to the idea of digital currency in a cashless society due to coronavirus because going touch free is cleaner than cash. Many businesses are already moving to make digital currency the only form of transaction they will engage in so their customers and their employees feel safe.

In fact, cash has become so dirty that some businesses that remained open in limited ways under the coronavirus lockdown are already turning away customers who have only cash to tender. “Touch free” means virus-free.

Touch-free Cashless safety is being bought at the cost of liberty

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin

Humans, unless they are of the heroic mold — like the forefathers of the United States of America — will embrace almost anything to save themselves. Given a serious crisis, many will trade away freedoms that were once valued as priceless, though braver folk gave up their lives to attain such liberty for all.

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3 thoughts on “CASHLESS SOCIETY 2020: Coronavirus Swings Society to “Touch Free” Digital ID and Digital Currency

  1. I think I’d rather touch cash in my purse than touch a credit card that has been put on counters, readers, and touched by God-knows-who that may be sick! Plus I wash hands or use hand sanitizer after using cash. Let’s see….cash has only been around for how long? A lot longer than credit cards! A load of nonsense!

  2. Safe safe SAFE!! I’m so sick of hearing SAFE as the reason for doing everything. F$@k safety!

    If the people can’t be safe on their own now that they are adults, then they’ve must have had issues during their childhood or something. It’s disgusting. I’m sick of this childish bullshit. People need to GROW THE F$&K UP!

  3. Problem reaction solution
    The general population falls for it every time. Add in ‘safety’ and a sprinkle of ‘for the children’ and you can pass practically any legislation you want.

    So this is the crisis being used to go cashless, and attempting to get people chipped through the ‘medical’ safety back door?

    Will Chertoff head the department of ‘homeland health safety’ and
    claim ‘national security’ in order to open up the gulags?

    Then it’ll take just one more thing for them to attempt to take the weapons from us and leave us defenseless. Then it’s full on revolution combined with civil war leading to world war.

    The ‘jews’ are going for it all the way now. They must be stopped cold or all is

    I’m happy to see people are rebelling against the bolshevik lock-down.
    The spark needed to light the flame…??


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