7 thoughts on “Cat Injected With Coronavirus Vaccine Dies

  1. QUIT testing it on innocent animals you fcks!

    we have Bill Gates
    the Clintons and Trumps etc et all to use as guinea pigs ..

    1. EXACTLY! There’s MORE than enough stupid people who are lining up, so scrub the gene pool a bit, offer a Walmart Gift Card, AND LEAVE THE ANIMALS OUT OF HUMAN STUPIDITY

    1. I wouldn’t have put up any of your comments today if this would have been the first f-king comment that I seen from you. I was fixing one of my pistols. You see I have more than one f-king iron in this fire and you should already know I don’t take shit from anybody, but hey, the pistol is humming like a brand new sewing machine so don’t ever get f-king smart with me again, or it will be your last time. Got it?

    2. Mister, you are way out of line and it will not be tolerated here at the Trenches! Henry and Laura work tirelessly day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year to open the eyes of anyone willing to hear the truth about how our Bill of Rights has been trampled on, how our Common Law courts were removed, and how we still are considered to be a British colony by the Queen and her minions. Just because your precious comment wasn’t instantly posted, that does not give you the right to come on here and mouth off to Henry. Go ahead, poke the hornets’ nest and see how well you fare.

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