As a senior, I should be retired, living in a home relaxing during my last years of life. Instead, I live in a truck, working my fool head off driving all over the US trying to stay alive. On top of that, I’m now required to wear these damn masks at times while having to deal with the different situations as required. Stairs for example is a real concern for many.

Problem is, breathing becomes a problem.  Continue reading “Can’t Breath While Wearing These Damn Masks”

Health Impact News – by Brain Shilhavy

A small news report by Bloomberg earlier this week and published on MSN Money went mostly unnoticed in the corporate media, and even in the alternative media, and yet it might have been the most significant news story so far this year.

Jill Ward from Bloomberg wrote: Continue reading “Central Banks Look to Replace Cash with Digital Currency: Life as We Know it May Soon be Over and Replaced by the New World Order”


Here’s a new crisis the coronavirus pandemic is responsible for: a nationwide shortage of quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies.

The economic shutdowns to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus, spurring the deepest recession in decades, have had the unintended consequence of halting the flow of coins through households, businesses and banks, the head of the Federal Reserve confirmed Wednesday.  Continue reading “Hang on to your nickels and dimes, the pandemic has created a coin shortage”

Yahoo News

At fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, banks and other businesses across the country where cash normally changes hands, customers are being warned that coins are in short supply.

Scott Talan found that out last weekend when he used a Starbucks drive-thru in Virginia and was met by a handwritten sign that read, “Due to the national coin shortage, we can only accept exact change or electronic payment at this time.”  Continue reading “A run on cents: Why coins are disappearing from cash registers across the country”

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A 73-year-old Canadian man was reportedly asked by a grocery store clerk to wear a face mask, became angry, and left the store, but not before crashing his car into the store.

Police then briefly pursued his vehicle but opted to get his license plate then went to his house, where he was killed by two officers.  Continue reading “73-Year-Old Anti-Masker Killed By Police After Driving his Car Into Grocery Store, Fleeing”

Breitbart – by Joel B. Pollak

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), the nation’s oldest pro-Israel organization, has set up a special antisemitism hotline for Jewish staffers at the New York Times and other outlets who are victims of antisemitism from their colleagues.

The ZOA was reacting to the resignation of Times opinion editor Bari Weiss on Tuesday, who left the Times over what she alleged was an increasingly intolerant environment, including antisemitism directed toward her: “My own forays into Wrongthink have made me the subject of constant bullying by colleagues who disagree with my views. They have called me a Nazi and a racist; I have learned to brush off comments about how I’m “writing about the Jews again,” she wrote. Continue reading “ZOA Sets Up Antisemitism Hotline for New York Times Staffers”

NoMask Info

Wal-Mart corporate heads have posted a blog entry on July 15 explaining their new nationwide face mask policy. Note their mention of ‘exceptions,’ which states:

“We know it may not be possible for everyone to wear a face covering. Our associates will be trained on those exceptions to help reduce friction for the shopper and make the process as easy as possible for everyone.”

Continue reading “Wal-Mart & Sam’s Club Include ‘Exceptions’ For Face Covering Requirement”

Big League Politics – by Richard Moorhead

At least a dozen Twitter accounts belonging to major public figures were hacked by scamsters executing a cryptocurrency fraud scheme. A tweet appeared on the timelines of prominent individuals such as Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Joe Biden and Barack Obama urging their followers to send cryptocurrency to a Bitcoin wallet, promising that the funds would be returned in double. Continue reading “Biden, Obama, Bezos, Bill Gates Twitter Accounts Hacked in Cryptocurrency Scam; All Verified Accounts SilencedBiden, Obama, Bezos, Bill Gates Twitter Accounts Hacked in Cryptocurrency Scam; All Verified Accounts Silenced”

Breitbart – by Joshua Caplan

The San Fransisco Police Department has launched an investigation into death threats targeting conservative radio icon Michael Savage, which included threatening language against President Donald Trump and the first family, Breitbart News has learned.

Savage, 78, has received two threats in the last seven days — one by postcard to his San Francisco home on July 10 and the second via Guerrilla Mail, an email address service where received emails are deleted after one hour.  Continue reading “Police Investigating Most Intense Death Threats of Michael Savage’s Career: ‘Die Motherf**ker Die’”


While predictions of a potentially catastrophic population explosion have abounded for years, new research suggests a major impending contraction by 2100, at which point the elderly will outnumber the young. Continue reading “World population set to shrink rapidly triggering ‘radical power shift’, warns new bombshell report”


NASA’s asteroid hunters have identified yet another five close flybys due this week but, even more worryingly, they have also identified one space rock which will soon pass between Earth and the Moon.

In highly alarming news from NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), asteroid hunters have identified a ‘potentially hazardous’ asteroid due to pass Earth in September at a paltry distance of 71,805km – just one-fifth of the distance between us and the Moon (384,399km).  Continue reading “Five more asteroids inbound this week but NASA is warning of upcoming flyby closer than the MOON”

Yahoo News

At least seven ships have reportedly caught fire at Iran’s Bushehr seaport, marking what appears to be the latest in a series of fires and explosions around the country — some of which have hit sensitive sites.

Iran’s Tasnim news agency says no casualties have been reported. Continue reading “Seaport is latest hit by Iran mystery fires”

Collective Evolution – by Arjun Walia

DynCorp has been implicated in trafficking children all over the world, why have they not been properly investigated?

What Happened: Retired Army Maj. Gen. James Grazioplene has been given 20 years for aggravated sexual battery. He has been in jail for approximately 18 months. He was expected to be released on Wednesday and will serve 20 years of probation, according to Elmore’s lawyer, Ryan Guilds. (sourceContinue reading “Ex VP of Major Military Contractor DynCorp & Sr. Pentagon Official Guilty For Child Sex Abuse”

The Intercept – by Bryce Covert

Banks will make out with $18 billion in fees for processing small business Paycheck Protection Program relief loans during the pandemic, according to calculations by Amanda Fischer, policy director at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, a progressive economic think tank. Continue reading “Banks Stand to Make $18 Billion in PPP Processing Fees From CARES Act”

Double-speak, double-twist, triple-spin, and accusations of being idiots!!

Daily Mail

The term ‘covidiot’ is a coronavirus-era slang term for someone who ignores recommendations to limit the spread of the deadly disease – and a new study reveals what makes these people dismiss the warnings. Continue reading “People who refuse to wear a mask or comply with social distancing have lower cognitive ability, new study shows”

Joanne Jacobs

Vermont Law School will paint over a mural depicting abolitionists helping blacks escape slavery because several students and alumni complained, reports the Valley News.

“The depictions of the African-Americans on the mural are offensive to many in our community and, upon reflection and consultation, we have determined that the mural is not consistent with our School’s commitment to fairness, inclusion, diversity, and social justice,” said Dean Thomas McHenry in the email. Continue reading “Abolitionist mural called ‘racist’”

CBS News

Los Angeles — Nick Cannon’s “hateful speech” and anti-Semitic theories led ViacomCBS to cut ties with the TV host and producer, the company said.

“ViacomCBS condemns bigotry of any kind and we categorically denounce all forms of anti-Semitism,” the company said in a statement Tuesday. It is terminating its relationship with Cannon, ViacomCBS said. Continue reading “Nick Cannon dropped by ViacomCBS over “anti-Semitic” comments”


WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has ordered hospitals to bypass the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and send all Covid-19 patient information to a central database in Washington beginning on Wednesday. The move has alarmed health experts who fear the data will be politicized or withheld from the public. Continue reading “Trump Administration Strips C.D.C. of Control of Coronavirus Data”

Health Impact News – by Brian Shilhavy

Reuters reported yesterday (July 13, 2020) that a White House “senior administration official” said:

“If you say exactly when will literally the vaccine materials be in production and manufacturing, it is probably four to six weeks away, but we will be actively manufacturing by the end of summer.”

Continue reading “Trump Wants COVID Vaccines in 6 Weeks Contradicting Big Pharma Vaccine Producers Who Claim it Should Take Longer”

ABC News

SAN DIEGO — The longtime leader of a Southern California synagogue who was wounded in a deadly attack at the house of worship he founded pleaded guilty Tuesday to participating in a multimillion-dollar fraud that disguised charitable contributions for personal gain.

Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison for fraud but prosecutors will recommend probation as part of a plea agreement. They noted his cooperation with investigators after federal agents raided his home and office in October 2018 and his widely praised response to the attack on the Chabad of Poway synagogue in April 2019. Continue reading “Rabbi hurt in California synagogue shooting admits fraud”