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Repocalypse: The Little Crisis that Roared

The Great Recession That didn’t take long. I just published an article showing how the Fed had responded with a quarter of a trillion dollars to save the economy from what it claimed was a mere blip. Since then, the … Continue reading

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Oklahoma State football team honors veterans with military style uniforms

Fox News In honor of Veterans Day, the Oklahoma State football program (OSU) is rolling out a new set of military-style uniforms during their game against the University of Kansas on Saturday. The team has partnered with Nike on developing custom design uniforms to commemorate all those … Continue reading

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Henry Kissinger warns of ‘catastrophic’ conflicts unless China and US settle their differences

SCMP – by Jodi Xu Klein Conflict between the United States and China will be “inevitable” and result in “a catastrophic outcome” that “will be worse than world wars” unless the countries settle their differences, according to former US secretary … Continue reading

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New York Times issues call for all white-majority cities and towns to be forcibly “diversified” with “refugees”

Natural News – by Ethan Huff Many cities and towns in America are still too “white,” according to the racist New York Times, which is now calling for “refugees” to be resettled all across the United States in order to fill the “void … Continue reading

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Bolivia’s New Puppet Regime Wastes No Time Aligning With US Foreign Policy

Caitlin Johnstone The Washington-recognized interim government which just ascended to power via US-backed military coup in Bolivia is already shifting the nation’s foreign policy into alignment with the US-centralized empire, severing important ties with two governments which have resisted absorption into the imperial … Continue reading

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Epstein’s Prison Guards Could Face Criminal Charges

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden While the political and financial elites across the globe (and certainly in the UK) are doing everything in their power to bury the Epstein scandal – so to speak-  both literally and metaphorically, CBS … Continue reading

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GOP Sen. Mike Rounds Pushes EB-5 Visa Bill Which Aids Chinese, Indian Migrants, Coastal Cities

Breitbart – by Neil Munro South Dakota GOP Sen. Mike Rounds has drafted a bill that would help wealthy Chinese buy citizenship — and would also help steer investment away from the heartland states towards the increasingly wealthy states on the … Continue reading

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Control of the Internet may be the Real Reason for Police Violence at Chinese University of Hong Kong

Epoch Times – by Tang Jingyuan The Hong Kong police have raided several universities, attempted to make arrests, and clashed with student protesters who set up barricades to defend the campus. In particular, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) … Continue reading

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Why is Michael Bloomberg, Knight of the British Empire, running for president?

Christopher Bollyn MASTER OF THE 9/11 COVER-UP FOR PRESIDENT? Though 9/11 made Michael Bloomberg mayor, he’s sometimes seemed insensitive about its aftereffects on others—he once memorably said he wanted to tell widows they needed to “suck it up” and move … Continue reading

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Medicines pose global environmental risk, experts warn

Yahoo News Paris (AFP) – Residues from billions of doses of antibiotics, painkillers and antidepressants pose a significant risk to freshwater ecosystems and the global food chain, a new analysis said Thursday. There are growing fears that the unchecked use … Continue reading

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DHS: One-in-Ten DACA Migrants Have an Arrest Record

Breitbart – by Neil Munro Roughly 80,000 DACA migrants, or one-in-ten, have an arrest record, says an updated report from the Department of Homeland Security. “The release of this report reflects the agency’s ongoing focus on transparency,” said a Saturday statement from … Continue reading

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Bill Richardson: Democrats Heading Toward Brokered Convention, Could Nominate Michelle Obama

Breitbart – by Joshua Caplan Appearing Saturday on CNN, former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D) predicted the 2020 Democrat presidential primary is heading toward a brokered convention and suggested delegates could nominate former first lady Michelle Obama to face … Continue reading

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Recording Surfaces of Illinois Department of Health Planning to Medically Kidnap Newborns from Parents Who Refuse Vitamin K Shot at Birth

Health Impact News – by Brian Shilhavy Earlier this year (2019) the Chicago Tribune reported on a federal lawsuit where parents sued several doctors at three hospitals and DCFS for medically kidnapping their newborn infants simply for refusing the Vitamin K … Continue reading

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Even With Better Education, Millennials Earn 20% Less Than Baby Boomers, Study Finds

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden The generational wealth gap has widened to historic levels, according to a recent study comparing millennial earnings to older generations’, according to CNBC. When adjusted for inflation, millennials earn 20% less than baby boomers did … Continue reading

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Texas A&M launches joint project to study aging in canines

The Eagle – by Kenny Wiley Veterinary researchers at Texas A&M are part of an historic effort to study at least 10,000 dogs to observe how they age, according to an announcement made Thursday — and dog owners can sign … Continue reading

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Shocking video shows moment car driven by NYPD officer Garman Chen crashes on FDR Drive

New York Post – by Ruth Weissmann This is the moment an off-duty NYPD officer burning rubber in a black Lexus skids across three lanes of traffic and slams into a concrete barrier early Saturday on the FDR Drive, leaving the young … Continue reading

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The great American tax haven: why the super-rich love South Dakota

The Guardian – by Oliver Bullough Late last year, as the Chinese government prepared to enact tough new tax rules, the billionaire Sun Hongbin quietly transferred $4.5bn worth of shares in his Chinese real estate firm to a company on … Continue reading

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Donald Trump pardons three soldiers in war crimes cases

Daily Mail US President Donald Trump cleared three armed service members Friday, who were were accused or convicted of war crimes. Trump cancelled murder charges against Army Green Beret Major Mathew L. Golsteyn, whose trial was set to begin next month. 

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Vladimir Putin Sums Up The New World Order In 5 Words

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden Russian President Vladimir Putin succinctly summarized the shifting tectonic plates of geopolitics. 

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AP sources: Jail guards at time of Epstein death reject deal

AP WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal prosecutors offered a plea deal to two correctional officers responsible for guarding Jeffrey Epstein on the night of his death, but the officers have declined the offer, people familiar with the matter told The Associated … Continue reading

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