Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden called for governors to implement mask mandates for the next three months on Thursday, saying that doing so would save 40,000 Americans’ lives.

“Every single American should be wearing a mask when they’re outside for the next three months as a minimum,” the former vice president told reporters after he and his running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris, received a briefing on the pandemic from public health experts. Continue reading “Biden says governors should mandate masks for next three months”

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Several Smith’s Food & Drug store employees in Cedar City, Utah were filmed threatening physical attacks against a customer whom they claimed was “not wearing his mask properly.”

Amid a barrage of vulgar and profanity-laced insults, including calling the shopper an un-American ‘piece of shit’ and a ‘f-king Trumpster,’ the Smith’s employees then escalate the situation and threaten physical violence: Continue reading “Smith’s Grocery Store Employees Threaten Physical Attack For Improper Mask Use”

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The FBI will join Lebanese and other international investigators in the probe of the massive explosion at Beirut’s port that killed more than 170 people, injured thousands and caused widespread destruction, a U.S. diplomat said Thursday.

Lebanese authorities had invited the FBI to take part, and it is one way that Washington can help the country deal with the effects of the disaster, said U.S. Undersecretary for Political Affairs David Hale as he toured the Gemayezeh neighborhood, which was damaged by the Aug. 4 blast.  Continue reading “Beirut blast: US official says FBI will join investigation”

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Federal officials are investigating after a U.S. Air Force helicopter on a routine training mission was shot at in Virginia on Monday, causing an injury to one of the craft’s crew members.

An Air Force UH-1N Huey helicopter was conducting a routine training mission when it was struck by a bullet a little before 1 p.m. Monday, an Air Force official not authorized to speak publicly said. Continue reading “One injured after bullet rips into US Air Force helicopter over Virginia; FBI, military investigating”

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DUBAI/JERUSALEM/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Israel and the United Arab Emirates announced on Thursday that they will normalise diplomatic ties and forge a broad new relationship, a move that reshapes the order of Middle East politics from the Palestinian issue to Iran.

Under the accord, which U.S. President Donald Trump helped broker, Israel has agreed to suspend its planned annexation of areas of the occupied West Bank. The agreement also firms up opposition to regional power Iran, which the UAE, Israel and the United States view as the main threat in the conflict-riven Middle East. Continue reading “Israel, UAE to normalize relations in shift in Mideast politics, West Bank annexation on hold”

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Hammond, LA — A disturbing video was leaked this week which is leading to calls for the chief of the Hammond police department to resign. It shows multiple officers put boots and knees on a man’s face and neck as other officers savagely kick and punch him. The entire time, the victim, Kentdrick Ratliff, was handcuffed and unable to defend himself much less pose a threat to the officers.

The video was leaked to the local ABC affiliate WBRZ this week and depicts an act that is nothing short of graphic and criminal. The video was released publicly on Wednesday, yet the police chief and the city have refused to acknowledge it. This is despite the fact that officers within the department were the ones to leak the video. Continue reading “Cops Kneel, Stand on Handcuffed Man’s Neck, Kick Him in the Testicles and Face Repeatedly”

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Los Angeles, CA — In one of the strangest and most disgusting cases TFTP has ever reported, late last year an LAPD cop was reportedly caught on his own body camera fondling and sexually assaulting a dead woman. Following an investigation into the video, the officer was arrested and charged with a felony. Now, the family of that woman is suing.

Officer David Rojas, 27, was charged with a felony violation of state safety codes, which prohibit “having sexual contact with human remains without authority,” according to a statement from the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office. His actions were recorded on his own body camera and then he shared it with his fellow cops to gloat in his disgusting behavior. Continue reading “Family Sues as Cop Caught on Body Cam Sexually Assaulting Their Dead Daughter, Sharing Video”

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A disease with no symptoms is not a disease. According to the Illuminati, the contagion is humanity.

“What is REALLY going on is the PLANNED economic collapse to usher in the tyrannical one-world government, which you are helping by complying with orders that have NO BASIS IN REALITY and are, in fact, specifically designed to make people sicker, both physically and mentally/spiritually.” Continue reading “Mask Control: Prove Coronavirus Exists!”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Despite the deluge of data that continues to come in indicating that the coronavirus may not be the death sentence that the mainstream media has made it out to be, the sharp overreaction from those who can’t help but be scared half to death from the virus continues unabated.

The latest example comes to us from the Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources, who told its employees that effective August 1, they would have to wear a mask – even for teleconferences.  Continue reading “Peak Idiocy: Wisconsin Government Agency Mandates Facemask Use For Virtual Zoom Meetings”

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Facebook has expanded its already-prodigious list of banned content to include insults, blackface, and the notion that Jews control major industries. But even these new rules aren’t enough – and nothing ever will be.

The social media behemoth has bent the knee in spectacularly groveling fashion following a pro-censorship campaign disguised as an advertiser protest against Facebook’s supposed leniency toward “hate speech.” In a blog post on Tuesday, the platform announced a dramatic expansion of its Hate Speech policy along with the formation of a “Diversity Advisory Council” and a handful of “inclusivity” task forces.  Continue reading “Facebook’s latest ‘hate speech’ update proves no censorship will ever be enough for social media thought police”

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Connecticut says it has issued its first $3,000 in fines to a pair of residents who failed to comply with the state’s new coronavirus travel advisory.

Gov. Ned Lamont announced Monday that the individuals were both hit with $1,000 fines for failing to fill out public health forms when they flew back weeks ago from Louisiana and Florida – two states that are reporting higher numbers of daily confirmed cases. One of those residents was fined an additional $1,000 after his co-worker informed officials he was refusing to self-quarantine for 14 days as required under the restrictions, he added. Continue reading “Connecticut fines residents $3,000 for violating coronavirus travel advisory”

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Federal agents in Bend, Ore., clashed with hundreds of protesters late Wednesday night after an hourslong standoff sparked by the arrest of two men by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, who said they were a “threat to the public.”

Bend’s episode, which is about a three-hour drive from Portland, was the latest in tensions among protesters, local police and federal agents. Continue reading “Bend, Oregon activists block ICE bus, prompting federal agents’ response”

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My wife and I have had the Regal Unlimited app for a year, but I am now canceling it. (How pathetic & desperate must owner ‘Cineworld’ be to offer unlimited movies for only $20 bucks a month anyway?) And even with that very cheap deal, their theaters were almost always empty anyway, even on weekends. Continue reading “Regal Theatres Requires All Guests To Wear Masks”

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STORY AT-A-GLANCE- Not a single randomized controlled trial with verified outcome has been able to detect a statistically significant advantage of wearing a mask versus not wearing a mask, when it comes to preventing infectious viral illness

If there were any significant advantage to wearing a mask to reduce infection risk to either the wearer or others in the vicinity, then it would have been detected in at least one of these trials, yet there’s no sign of such a benefit There is no evidence that masks are of any utility for preventing infection by either stopping the aerosol particles from coming out, or from going in. Continue reading “Dr. Joseph Mercola: Should you wear a mask? Here’s what studies show”

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Sumner Redstone, born in 1923, was a media mogul who was the majority owner and chairman of the board of the National Amusements theater chain, and the former executive chairman of CBS and Viacom.

A longtime Democrat supporter and donor, On August 11, 2020, Redstone died yesterday, August 11, at his home in Los Angeles at the age of 97. Continue reading “Elite vampirism: Dead at 97, media mogul Sumner Redstone thought he would live forever by drinking a ‘certain wine’”

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The Indian government is planning to launch a mandatory digital health card modeled on Bill Gates’ concept. Under the ‘One Nation One Health Card’ scheme, a person’s medical history records, including all the treatments and tests that the person has undergone, will be digitally saved in this card. Hospitals, clinics, and doctors will all be linked to a central server. The move is aimed at mapping the health records of every citizen of the country in a digital format. Continue reading “Indian Govt To Launch Mandatory Digital Health Card On Bill Gates Concept”


A Florida sheriff barred deputies from wearing facial coverings in most work settings, authorities said Wednesday, even as the state continues to struggle with record-breaking coronavirus numbers.

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods insisted there’s no conclusive evidence that wearing masks curbs the spread of the virus — despite explicit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines saying just that. Continue reading “Florida sheriff orders deputies not to wear masks, bans civilians in masks from office”

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Portland’s city council seems certain Wednesday to set a new bar for North American housing reform by legalizing up to four homes on almost any residential lot.

Portland’s new rules will also offer a “deeper affordability” option: four to six homes on any lot if at least half are available to low-income Portlanders at regulated, affordable prices. The measure will make it viable for nonprofits to intersperse below-market housing anywhere in the city for the first time in a centuryContinue reading “On Wednesday, Portland will pass the best low-density zoning reform in US history”

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In an almost unheard of and unprecedented scenario, an Air Force helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing in Manassas, Virginia after someone shot at the helicopter from the ground.

The incident happened Monday, and military sources are now revealing the dangerous incident, which actually injured a member of the crew.  Continue reading “Air Force Helicopter Shot At From Ground Over Virginia, Injuring Crew”

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A video has emerged of a teary-faced young Palestinian girl screaming “where will we live?” as her family’s home was being bulldozed in front of her eyes in the south of the occupied city of Jerusalem al-Quds; a scene all too familiar to Palestinians, whose homes have been bulldozed by the Israeli regime over the past few years. Continue reading “Where will we live?: Palestinian girl weeps as Israel razes her home”