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China Uses ‘Social Credit System’ to Control Domestic, Foreign Companies

Breitbart – by John Hayward A Bloomberg News report on Sunday described how Communist China uses its “social credit system” to control not just citizens but corporations – and not just domestic companies, but foreign companies seeking to do business in China as … Continue reading

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Antidote to Red Flag Laws

TL Davis How do civil wars start? Usually with a federal government of some kind, a king, a dictator or what have you becoming a belligerent in the war. In this case it is the state government, drunk with liberal … Continue reading

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Moscow Creates ‘Anti-Missile Dome’ Over Northern Fleet As Battle For Arctic Heats Up

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden The international struggle for military supremacy in the Arctic has just risen to absurd new heights. Following the collapse of the arms control regime that for decades aided the US’s tenuous grip on power … Continue reading

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USMCA “Trade Agreement”, the North American Union, an Article V convention, and Red Flag Laws: Connecting the Dots

News with Views – by Publius Huldah The Globalists have long been in the process of setting up a dictatorial and totalitarian oligarchy over the United States.  Now they are putting the last pieces in place.  That is what is … Continue reading

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The Hugely Important OPCW Scandal Keeps Unfolding. Here’s Why No One’s Talking About It.

Medium – by Caitlin Johnstone, November 16, 2019 The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is now hemorrhaging evidence that the US and its allies deceived the world once again about yet another military intervention, which should be a … Continue reading

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Disney Spotlights 12-Year-Old Transgender Girl in Latest Marvel Series

Breitbart – by David Ng The new Disney+ streaming service is spotlighting the activism of a 12-year-old transgender girl as part of the new Marvel unscripted series Hero Project, which profiles young individuals who are trying to make a difference in … Continue reading

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Enterprise, Enbridge join forces to develop offshore crude oil export terminal

Houston Chronicle Houston pipeline operator Enterprise Products Partners and Canadian pipeline operator Enbridge have signed an agreement to develop an offshore crude oil export terminal in the Gulf of Mexico about 30 miles south of Brazoria County. The companies agreed … Continue reading

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Ron Lauder Pledges $25 Million for Campaign Against Anti-Semitism

New York Times Ronald S. Lauder, the cosmetics billionaire and president of the World Jewish Congress, is setting aside $25 million of his own money to start a new organization devoted to rooting out what he sees as the growing … Continue reading

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House Sets Wednesday Vote for Farmworker Amnesty, Creation of Powerless Workforce

Breitbart – by Neil Munro The House will vote Wednesday to approve or reject a bill that offers fraud-prone amnesty for illegal migrants who claim to have worked on a farm. The legislation also allows companies to import an unlimited … Continue reading

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Trump Beats Border-Crisis: Illegal Crossings Crash To Lowest Since 2013

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden There is a reason that you have not seen more clips of AOC et al. sobbing uncontrollably at a fenced car park, or Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer exclaiming “what about the children” in … Continue reading

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Time For Buttigieg And Biden To Go

Video Rebel’s Blog Pete Buttigieg disqualified himself for the presidency when he stole the blankets and cold weather gear from the homeless of South Bend. It will be 16 degrees F tomorrow morning in the mayor’s hometown. What he did … Continue reading

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California Bringing Back Debtors Prisons for Homeless

Reboubt News – by Shari Dovale Homelessness has been on the rise in California, and has skyrocketed since the Camp and Carr fires devastated the state. Officials throughout California have grappled with various ways to deal with the ongoing crisis, … Continue reading

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US Army Plans Biggest Deployment to Europe in 25 Years

Anti-War – by Jason Ditz In 2020,  the US Army will be carrying out its biggest deployment in 25 years into Europe. The deployment will send 20,000 US troops, and 13,000 pieces of equipment across Europe for wargames beginning in May and … Continue reading

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Mother Who Told Beto ‘Hell No,’ Launches Pro-Gun Congressional Run

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins The mother who famously told Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, “Hell no” to his plans to confiscate AR-15s, is now running for Congress in Colorado’s 3rd District. On September 20, 2019, Breitbart News reported Colorado mother Lauren Boebert … Continue reading

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Pentagon Shifts Focus Ahead Of Next War, Wants To Relocate Troops To Indo-Pacific Region

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden Very little headlines come out of the Middle East these days about the two-decade war the US has been fighting against terrorism. But what you hear on an increasing frequency are headlines outlining how … Continue reading

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The 45 Communist Goals As Read Into The Congressional Record, 1963

Beliefnet Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963 Current Communist Goals EXTENSION OF REMARKS OF HON. A. S. HERLONG, JR. OF FLORIDA IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 

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Disney warns ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ could trigger seizures

New York Post – by Nadine DeNinno Walt Disney Studios has issued a warning that “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” could trigger seizures in photosensitive people with epilepsy. The company is working with the Epilepsy Foundation to promote the … Continue reading

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Amazon pulls Christmas ornaments showing Auschwitz concentration camp

CNN London (CNN Business)Amazon has removed a number of Christmas ornaments featuring images of the Auschwitz concentration camps from sale, amid anger from the museum that manages the site. Pictures of the Nazi death camp complex were used on a variety … Continue reading

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Is Merck’s 9-Year Long Whistleblower Fraud Lawsuit on the MMR Vaccine Finally Coming to a Resolution?

Health Impact News – by Brian Shilhavy With all the “measles outbreaks” that brought national headlines earlier this year, and resulted in many states introducing legislation to force vaccinate the public and remove vaccine exemptions for school-age children, one thing … Continue reading

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The False Promise of DNA Testing

The Atlantic – by Matthew Shaer One evening in November of 2002, Carol Batie was sitting on her living-room couch in Houston, flipping through channels on the television, when she happened to catch a teaser for an upcoming news segment on … Continue reading

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