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Heavily armed men escort migrants across US border, surveillance video shows

Fox News New government video obtained by Fox News shows heavily armed men at the U.S.-Mexico border escorting a migrant mother and son into the United States. Border Patrol officials told Fox News this is an unusual event and express concern … Continue reading

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Court: Chalking parked car tires violates Fourth Amendment

Fox News Marking tires to enforce parking rules is like entering property without a search warrant, a federal court said Monday as it declared the practice unconstitutional in Michigan and three other states. Alison Taylor had received more than a dozen $15 … Continue reading

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Feds charge Rochester Drug Cooperative and CEO in first criminal case over opioids

ABC News Federal prosecutors charged drug distributor Rochester Drug Cooperative and its former CEO with drug trafficking charges Tuesday — the first criminal charges for a pharmaceutical company and executives in the nation’s ongoing opioid crisis. The charges signify a groundbreaking … Continue reading

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Jaws of Life used to free dog’s head from cinder block

New York Post HASTINGS, Fla. — Officials say Florida firefighters used the Jaws of Life to free a Rottweiler that got her head stuck in a cinder block. St. Johns County Fire Rescue posted on Facebook that firefighters responded to … Continue reading

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US Navy Ship Quarantined at Sea for Vaccine Preventable Virus, Despite 100% Vaccination Rate

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist The USS Fort McHenry, a dock landing ship, has been stuck at sea for months, along with hundreds of Marines and sailors aboard after dozens of crew members contracted mumps. The ship remains … Continue reading

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Bees Living on Notre Dame Cathedral Roof Survive Fire

US News – by Alexa Lardieri THREE BEEHIVES ON THE roof of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris survived a catastrophic fire on Monday. “Our bees of Notre Dame Cathedral are still alive,” Nicolas Geant, the beekeeper, wrote in a blog post, citing confirmation from … Continue reading

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Combatting Anti-Semitism: Washington Goes to War for World Jewry

American Tribune Herald – by Philip Giraldi One of the most extraordinary displays of Jewish power in the United States took place in the State Department press briefing room on April 11th though it went virtually unreported in the mainstream media. It involved … Continue reading

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ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

C-Span July 20, 1990 Book Discussion on Every Spy a Prince Mr. Melman and Mr. Raviv discussed their book, Every Spy a Prince: The Complete History of Israeli Intelligence. The book focused on the five branches of the Israeli intelligence community and … Continue reading

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Cops Walk Up to Innocent Family’s Home, Shoot Dad Through the Door–NO Jail

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist Lynchburg, VA — On the night of February 17, 2018 Walker Sigler, his wife Kate, and their children were asleep in their home doing nothing wrong and harming no one when two Lynchburg … Continue reading

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1600 Migrants Released in One New Mexico City over 10 Days

Breitbart – by Bob Price Officials in Las Cruces, New Mexico, reported on Monday that Border Patrol agents released nearly 1,600 migrants in their community over a 10-day period. The City was forced to spend about $75,000 for humanitarian assistance. … Continue reading

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Israeli PM Netanyahu says he’ll name Golan settlement after Trump

RT Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he will name a settlement in the Golan Heights after Donald Trump, in a show of gratitude for the US president’s decision to recognize the region as Israeli territory. “In honor of President … Continue reading

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At Least 800K Alien Children To Enroll In U.S. Schools By Late 2020

One America News Network One million alien children could reportedly enter the U.S. by the end of 2020. According to a recent Princeton Policy Advisors report, immigration officials could detain up to 1.3 million illegal migrants this year. Out of … Continue reading

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Govt spending on diapers, food, medical care for illegals up 400% in FY19

American Mirror – by Victor Skinner The cost to care for illegal immigrants streaming across the U.S.-Mexico border is rising exponentially, with spending on food, diapers, and medical care expected to his $1.2 million in one sector alone for fiscal … Continue reading

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NYC Mayor de Blasio ‘We are going to ban glass and steel skyscrapers’

The Daily Sheeple – by Sean Walton Mayor de Blasio appeared Monday on MSNBC to go after the buildings that make up the city’s famous skyline. “We are making the Green New Deal come alive here in New York City,” … Continue reading

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Suicide Rate Doubles in France Among Police

Armstrong Economics – by Martin Armstrong The Yellow Vest movement is turning into a major confrontation demanding Macrone leave office. The French police are now protesting after 28 officers have committed suicide so far in 2019. This is double the amount … Continue reading

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Kamala Harris Vows To Impose Sweeping Gun-Control Plan Via Executive Action

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden Monday night’s CNN Town Hall was one of the first opportunities for the top Democratic presidential contenders to come together and share their views on allowing child rapists, terrorists and murderers to vote, and … Continue reading

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Which Countries Have the Biggest Crude Oil Reserves?

How Much Crude oil is a fossil fuel derived from marine plants and animals that died millions of years ago, before the dinosaurs. In its liquid form, crude oil can be found underground in reservoirs, sedimentary rocks, and tar sands. 

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ISIS Says Behind Sri Lanka Bombings; Was ‘Retaliation’ For New Zealand Mosque Massacre

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden Shortly after the death toll from Sunday’s Easter bombings in Sri Lanka climbed above the 300 mark, ISIS validated the Sri Lankan government’s suspicions that a domestic jihadi organization had help from an international … Continue reading

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Bottled Water Warning: 11 Brands Found to Contain Arsenic

The Organic Prepper – by Dagny Taggart Contamination of public water supply systems is a very real threat (Flint, we are looking at you), but unfortunately, bottled water isn’t always safer. For years, we have known that much of the bottled water … Continue reading

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Police State Madness: Cops In DUI Vans Drawing Motorists Blood

MassPrivateI Halloween is less than six months away but that has not stopped law enforcement from taking people’s blood. In fact, police officers want our blood so bad that they are purchasing blood draw vans, sorry I meant DUI vans … Continue reading

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