It is March 12th and spring is creeping up on us.  Right now we have about six months of good weather ahead of us and we should not waste one second of it.  There is already a call for a Nationwide Protest on April 2nd and this is good.  And of course there is the Easter Project coming up on April 24th.  From the activity I see from website to website I think we might be finally communicating without trying to push any single agenda, hence, as individuals. 

As individuals we can win this thing, but if we want to win we cannot keep being nice about it.  We must start turning to ourselves as individuals and saying if nothing else, what can I do as an individual to strike a blow for the cause of the 99er? 
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Barbara Lee and Bobby Scott cosigned a letter that was sent to John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Dave Camp requesting their assistance in finding financing for HR 589, and also their help in plotting a course that will allow the speedy passage of the legislation.  Personally I do not see how this is going to do any good.  Remember John Boehner and company are working through a mandate that was put forth to them by the voters which says, “Destroy everyone but the rich.  Give no quarter and take no prisoners.”

Considering the recent outrageous acts committed by Wisconsin’s governor I do not think anything is going to stop this power grab, short of armed conflict.
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As civil war rages through Libya United States politicians are swarming to the back rooms of Washington like rats to a grain elevator.  Though the overwhelming opinion through the American population is “No more wars” these politicians seem hell bent in carrying out their orders given to them by the international oil cartels wherein they are to use U.S. military might to secure Libya’s oil for their masters.

They are saying, “We just want a no-fly zone,” which we all know would require the extensive bombings of every air field in Libya.  Under international law this is an act of war.  If we have learned one thing it is when the industrial war complex gets its fangs sunk into a Middle Eastern country, it will not let go.  They do not care if they destroy the United States in achieving their goals.  In fact the destruction of the United States is one of their goals.
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The mainstream propaganda machine continues its blackout in reference to the 99er issue.  I believe there are 99ers out there who are taking actions that are deliberately being excluded from the mainstream news.  This being the case we must push from the bottom up.  If you have been following the comment board you will know that an opportunity has arisen to get news coverage through 

What needs to happen is for a group of 99ers in Michigan to get together, start building a cross and a platform, and have their most eloquent speaker step up to do an interview.  Relief for the 99ers is not going to come simply by us wishing for it.  We are going to have to step forward and demand it.
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Dateline USA: 93 million cats and dogs in the United States are now considered overweight, causing pet insurance rates to rise.  Something must be done and we all are going to have to step in and do it as this is an American problem.  The rich man’s cat is too fat.  It is time for a crusade. 

This story actually enjoyed a full segment on FOX Business on Tuesday morning.  These people have become so outrageous in their gluttony that their animals being overweight now commands more attention than 99ers starving to death in the streets.  The wellbeing of the rich man’s pets is a serious issue. 
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The 2012 election is now in full swing with candidates from both sides of the false left-right paradigm attacking one another via the mainstream propaganda machine.  And of course it is being said that the average presidential campaign will cost around a billion dollars.  With the money raised by fifteen candidates HR 589 could be financed. 

Remember when we were children attending the public schools?  We were told that anyone of us could grow up and become president of these United States.  I guess they just forgot to tell us that that assertion was conditional in that anyone of us could become president if we entered the business world, join the right secret organizations, cut throats, and back stabbed our way up to the point that we knew the right people who could afford a billion dollars to buy us off so that we would commit treason against our fellow citizens and our county. 
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The ongoing turmoil in the Middle East is causing gas prices in the United States to continue to rise.  It would seem everything is going according to plan, except that Muammar Gaddafi just won’t step down and allow the highest bidder to step in and take control of Libya’s oil resources. 

Hillary Clinton and company are having a hard time selling their invasion of Libya to the American people as we have had enough of war and the economic damage it is doing to our country and the death it is causing to our young people serving in our military.  Clinton’s sell for an invasion of Libya is being made double hard by the depictions being shown of her swapping spit with Gaddafi’s son and Obama embracing Gaddafi as his Muslim brother.
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A new immigration bill has passed in Utah mirroring the Arizona law that says that police must check the immigration status of anyone arrested for a felony or a serious misdemeanor.  If the United States was truly intent on enforcing our borders and our laws wouldn’t this be a no-brainer?  Would it not in fact be reasonable to assume than any person who could not answer a police officer’s enquiries in English just might be here illegally and breaking our laws?

Apparently the Utah law, unlike Arizona’s, has included within its body a provision for a guest worker program.  Thus it has won a small bit of favor from some of the immigration groups. 
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In observing the mainstream propaganda machine I heard a commentator on FOX News put forth the notion that if the labor unions could be broken it would drive down wages and allow more people to go to work at a reduced rate, and this was portrayed as a good thing. 

Let’s take it step further.  Let’s get rid of the unions and the minimum wage and even more people could return to the work place.  Hell let’s go all the way, let’s get rid of child labor laws.  We could put everybody to work but of course they would only be getting room and board, which in reality equates to slavery. 
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All diplomats and foreigners are being told to get out of Yemen as fast as possible as protests turn violent in yet another Middle Eastern country.  In Libya Muammar Gaddafi’s pro government forces attack rebel positions on the ground and from the air.  The critical positions being fought over are of course the areas where in the oil field lie. 

American diplomats through the mainstream media have also ratcheted up attacks on the Gaddafi government and seem to be trying to build support for United States air strikes in the implementation of a no fly zone, which will no doubt lead to U.S. troops on the ground in Libya.  The excuse our government is giving us for intervening in the affairs of this foreign sovereign country is that Muammar Gaddafi is a mentally ill psychopath, as only a psychopath would kill his own people to preserve his government. 
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The actor Charlie Sheen had his two twin sons taken from him last week after a conflict with the producer of Two and a Half Men.  His story was reported on every channel and radio station across this country and the mainstream propagandists flocked to interview him.  By the second day he had a million people tweeting in his defense. 

If you do not know by now that the corporate elitists control absolutely all mainstream forms of communication you are incapable of learning.  Stories like Charlie Sheen’s and Lindsey Lohan’s are good for about one week of distraction, making them a premium in the industry.  And the sick thing about it is that the mush minded mentally deficient American public jumps on every opportunity to be diverted from reality.
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The Constitution of the United States guarantees all citizens of the Republic a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  So what has gone so terribly wrong?  Well I’m going to tell you.  First we have to look at who are the people.  The people are made up of individual persons.  At the time of the writing of our Constitution a person was defined in law as a human entity created by God.  Since then that definition has been altered to the point of erasing the human quality from the equation.

My Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Edition, describes a person as follows:  “In general usage, a human being ‘i.e. natural person’, though by statute term may include labor organizations, partnerships, associations, corporations, legal representatives, trustees, trustees in bankruptcy, or receivers.”
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The unemployment rate dropped to 8.9% for February.  Lie.  Apparently we are not even getting our fraudulent unemployment number by the same fraudulent system we have been using for years, as that system is no longer fraudulent enough to hide the truth. 

The fraudulent system we were using counted the number of those receiving unemployment benefits, which failed to count the 99ers and all other long term unemployed.  And of course, as more people became 99ers they are removed from the equation. 
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We the people of the United States are currently spending $9.5 billion per day to finance the running of our inept and corrupt government; this, as millions of Americans are cold and going hungry.  The outrage the $9.5 billion represents cannot be denied and the calls for spending cuts are growing louder every day. 

It has always been very unwise to propose cuts in Social Security and Medicare, but it seems that no longer matters as both sides of the false left-right paradigm think that if it is a joint venture, they can survive the political consequences. 
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It is expected that a second United States aircraft carrier will be heading for the waters off Libya as the civil war there heats up.  Reports out of the State Department indicate that a no-fly zone will be instituted over Libya.  As previously reported, Libyan rebels have put together their own coalition government.  It seems now that new government is requesting outside intervention in the form of the no-fly zone.

As we the American people are already suffering $3.50 per gallon gas as a result of the crisis in Libya, where it should be noted we buy none of our oil, what other deprivations are we facing?  We must be realistic.  The implementation of a no-fly zone will require preemptory bombing to eliminate anti-aircraft facilities. 
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United States warships are closing in on Libya as calls for sanctions, a no fly zone, humanitarian aid, and possible ground troop intervention are being put forth from the highest levels of power. 

Reports out of Libya say that the leaders of the rebel forces are stating emphatically that they do not want any intervention by the United States or any other foreign country.
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The treasonous Tory dirt bag, Stuart Varney, said on FOX Business Wednesday that a new ADP report says the private sector added 217,000 jobs last month.  So who is the ADP?  Well it is a cartel of businessmen who run their own website. 

I do believe that 217,000 jobs were created by private American businesses last month, in China, India, and South Korea.  This is why, after making his announcement, Varney had to admit that the number he was putting forth was not reflected by the U.S. Department of Labor and Statistics. 
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The mainstream propaganda is all abuzz with the effects current world events are having on the New York Stock Exchange.  If any of you took the time to download and watch Zeitgeist III – Moving Forward you know that the stock exchange is in no way an indicator in reference to our economy.  It is in fact no more than the ultra rich’s score board to show who is steeling the most from whom. 

There has not been one damn word in reference to the 99ers, though it does seem we may be gearing up for another Middle Eastern war at a million dollars a year per soldier.  Of course there is no expense too great when it comes to helping other countries.  Hell, we’ll just add it to our debt.  Our grandchildren can afford it. 
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There are approximately 7 million 99ers to date and growing.  Any presumption that those in the highest seats of power in the United States government do not know of the misery that is spread throughout our land must be dismissed.  Of course they are not spying on us to ascertain our deteriorating condition, as they in fact do not want to see it. 

Being a 99er has become like being incarcerated.  Every day we lose time that can never be regained.  Our clothes are worn and have holes in them and only we know the stress that is created in worrying about how we will pay our rent and electric bill and get the necessities for survival; food, soap, toilet paper, and tooth paste, not to mention those living out on the streets who consider these basic items a luxury.
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I recently read an article in ABC News about the way a dictatorship breaks the spirit of those that it oppresses.  One paragraph read as such:

“Trust of government having been broken, the people give up any real faith in political institutions. They have to bribe to get what they need, so they start demanding bribes to perform their own jobs. They know state television is a lie, so truth as a value seems like a fool’s game”.

When ABC’s John Donvan wrote this statement he was referring to the situation in Libya, but anybody with the capability to form complex thought could see that this statement could easily be a reference to the situation in this country. This begs the question, why do our news organizations focus on the lack of freedoms in other countries when our own country (the supposed land of the free) also oppresses its people?
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