Syndicated radio host Alex Jones of and has shown his true colors once again.  On Jones’ broadcast yesterday, when describing those who would join with the government against our Republic, he included the poor and those on welfare and food stamps.  You see Alex has never been poor so he associates it with something dirty.  He believes all poor people enjoy living in poverty. 

Alex is an elitist.  His syndicated radio broadcast and websites bring in a million plus every year.  We have several of his videos on our Red Pill Documentaries page and that is because they are factual and backed by documentation.  The problem is Alex has come to see the truth as a commodity with a large earning potential.  The reason he does not care to spit on the poor is because they have no money and thus are not a part of his market demographic.
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My next review from our Red Pill Documentaries page is End Game: Blueprint for Global Enslavement. This film was created in 2007 by Alex Jones, and in my opinion it is his best work. It focuses on the global elite, in particular the Bilderberg Group and their plans to eliminate ninety percent of the earth’s population.

The documentary presents a huge amount of information regarding the global elite, and shows how the same global banking syndicates have financed both sides of every major war, going back to the late eighteenth century. The film points out how on the eighteenth of June 1815 Nathan Rothschild was able to steal control of the majority of wealth in Britain, through lies and fraud. Jones continues by showing how the Rothschild Family and other global financiers used World War I to turn the death of millions of people into a huge profit.      

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Fifty years ago the idea of any citizen of the United States openly being spied on by our own government would have stirred outrage to the point that the government or private industry would not have dared.  Now, as a result of the technological revolution the idea of personal privacy seems to be on its way to becoming an antiquated notion.

With the enactment of the Patriot Act, overnight it became acceptable to record our phone calls, our computer transactions, and even to come into our homes and search them while we are away and without warrant.  Those in our government had to be holding their collective breaths knowing that the enactment of the Patriot Act was in reality a nullification of our most basic constitutional protections.  Instead of saying, “Wow we got away with that one without a revolution.”  They said, “Wow if they let us get away with that, the sky is the limit.”
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Well surprise, surprise, after investigating the situation on the ground in Libya, Senator John McCain is advocating that the United States take back control of NATO operations and commit more military assets for the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi.  Score one for the industrial war complex.  And who did they bring in to back up McCain’s position?  Connecticut’s Senator Joe Lieberman, Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee.

Last week Jim Tucker, an American journalist, reported inside information he had obtained about the Bilderberg Group that outlines, in essence, a plan to further destabilize the Middle East and draw the United States into a war to subjugate Iran for Israel.

McCain and Lieberman both expounded the need to do away with Gaddafi, both hinting that our predator drones could be used for this purpose. 
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I have waited until late to write today’s article in hope that there would be some news of an Easter Project protest somewhere.  Well, I guess if nothing else I no longer have to put up with anyone coming on the site and saying “All you people do is talk about it, no one is offering solutions.”  The problem is not nor has it ever been that nothing could be done to address the situation.  It is just that no one wants to do anything to take on the problem.  It is so easy to just sit back and wait for somebody else to make the sacrifice to affect the change.  Maybe this is why the Egyptians put up with the abuse they did for 50 years before acting.

When I first became a 99er I was determined to address the situation.  To me, it was war.  So I looked at my meager resources and reasoned as to how I could make them cause the maximum effect.  This site and the articles I have written represent the best I could do with what I have.
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Well there must be an election coming up as the buzz about Washington DC once again is jobs, jobs, jobs.  403,000 people filed new jobless claims last week. 

Unions are boycotting “Right to Work” states, expounding quite honestly that what “Right to Work” really means is the right to work for a substandard wage which can only drive down our standard of living.

The sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona is reporting that illegals are still crossing our border by the hundreds of thousands.  These illegals are at present working 30 million U.S. jobs at below minimum wage, thus further driving down our standard of living. 
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Senator John McCain has gone to Libya to assess the conditions on the ground.  McCain has been a staunch supporter of the invasion of Libya since its conception.  He is now saying the rebels in Libya are his heroes.  Seeing as how his own hero-ship as a Viet Nam veteran and prisoner of war is a sham, this so called rebel army should suit him right down to the ground. 

Those who were in the Hanoi Hilton with McCain say he received preferential treatment and capitulated to the North Vietnamese immediately upon his arrival.  He fathered an illegitimate child with a North Vietnamese woman who was his nurse.   His son, John McCain Vu Khaon is currently Minister of Bicycles of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
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So is anything new happening on the job scene?  Yes.  Back when Barry Soetoro was running for President he made the following statement on November 3, 2007: “When I am president, I will end the tax giveaways to companies that ship our jobs overseas, and I will put the money in the pockets of working Americans, and seniors, and homeowners who deserve a break.”  The Prince of Lies, not only have the giveaways not stopped, but the rate our jobs are being shipped out has increased.

Barry recently named CEO of General Electric, Jeff Immelt, to head his Council on Jobs and Investment.  Good call, Barry.  GE reported that their corporate earnings were up 77% in 2010.  GE paid zero federal taxes in 2009 and 2010.  GE received a tax benefit of $2.3 billion in 2010. 
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It’s another day in paradise, that is if you are among the corporate elite who are enjoying their lives immensely as the tax payer subsidized stock market continues to rise, allowing them to take yet further record profits.  If you are not among the elite this day represents nothing more than the abstract misery you have been living with since the $26 trillion theft was discovered. 

I heard that dirty little Tory piece of tripe Stuart Varney referring the top 1% as “we”.  Yeah, Stuart, we know who you are and we know what you are.  We see you cringe when the price of oil drops offering us hope.  We then see you giggle and clap when the price rises knowing your pockets are going to be filled with more of our money robbed from us at the pump. 
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The United States government is sending $25 million to Libya to buy food, uniforms, and equipment for the so called rebels there.  If anyone still remembers last month when our air force first attacked Libya, we were told that we were enacting a no-fly-zone.  I remember one advocate of the project saying even just a few planes would be better than nothing. 

Of course when we started implementing this no-fly-zone, immediately bombs were hitting buildings that had nothing to do with the Libyan Air Force.  We also bombed tanks and ground artillery.  I’m pretty sure tanks and ground artillery do not fly. 
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It is being reported that Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi is using human shields to protect himself from NATO air strikes.  It is also being reported that Gaddafi is using cluster bombs which are anti-personnel weapons that tend kill innocent civilians and have been outlawed by the United Nations.

So is this enough to outrage the American people to the point of demanding that ground troops be sent in to stop this diabolical monster?  Whoa, hold it, stop.  Maybe we better think this through.  Where else have I heard that word, “cluster bombs”?  Oh yeah, that’s right.  The Israelis used them against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.  It made one little blip on the evening news and then seemed to disappear from reality.  The Israelis?  Oh oh. 
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As expected Barry Soetoro’s town hall meeting over Facebook was nothing more than a gimmick.  The whole session was scripted and rehearsed and could be considered nothing more than a campaign speech.  Soetoro made sure to include every issue in the predetermined one party framed debate.  That is mentioning unemployment and jobs obscurely, then puckering up and planting a big wet kiss on the collective arses of the illegal aliens.  It was nothing more than one big socialist spit swap.

I’ll tell you what Barry, poor Americans, middle class Americans, Americans et. al. outnumber Hispanics by far.  Though I will say, it is at least logical for you to come out on the side of illegal aliens, seeing as how you are one.  Barry portrayed the illegals as poor misunderstood people who were only doing menial jobs that nobody else wants.  He spoke of farm labor, food service, and child care.  Well I have been around this country and it goes a little further than that.  Construction, shipping, and of course the ever popular illegal drug enterprise are now being worked predominately by illegals. 
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Gas is expected to go over $4.00 per gallon by summer and the price of basic necessities will follow suit.  And all our government can talk about is the need to cut spending and corporate taxes.  It has now been seven months since both the phony left and phony right came out and said jobs were the number one issue in this country.  And since then, in spite of the lies, we have continued to lose jobs at an unprecedented rate.

The total federal receipts for individual withholding tax for 2008 were $1.146 trillion.  The total for 2009 was $915 billion, a loss of $231 billion.  In 2010 the federal withholding receipts continued to fall another $16 billion to $899 billion. 
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So let’s take a look at the farm subsidy programs.  For conservation: $4.7 billion.  Price supports: $7.1 billion.  Crop insurance: $3.7 billion.  That is a total of $15.5 billion.  That would pay for a 14 week extension for the 99ers.  So tell me, are you hating these damn farmers yet?  Well I’m not.  The excesses they are showing in the mainstream propaganda are being funneled into the pockets of the corporate farmers, at the same time as what is left of our family farmers are being attacked from every angle, in an effort to run them out of business and allow the corporation to take their land.

It is kind of like attacking the welfare recipient that is living 100% below the poverty level while ignoring the corporate welfare recipients who are out to destroy us all.  It has been common practice for the last 50 years for huge corporate farms to move into an area and start growing and selling crops at a loss for the sole purpose of breaking the family farms. 
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Advocates for illegal immigrants are gearing up to push their cause in the 2012 elections.  Congressman Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat from Illinois, is on a 20 city immigration tour designed to put pressure on perspective candidates to procure their promise to pass “The Dream Act” if elected. 

This man is on the United States federal payroll, which is to say we the people, et. al. are going to pay for this man to travel around our country and push the cause of people from another country.  And as these people have broken our laws and crossed our borders illegally, he is in fact aiding and abetting criminals who are causing harm to every legal citizen in our country.  This man freely states that he represents illegals.   I say the only way he can support illegals is at the expense of the rest of us. 
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It has been one year since the deepwater Horizon oil rig, owned by British Petroleum, exploded and began pumping oil into the Gulf of Mexico.  And contrary to the propaganda it has in no way been cleaned up.  The people in the Gulf States are still suffering not only from the effects of the tar that continues to wash ashore, but also from the dispersants that were sprayed in the ocean in spite of the fact that the EPA said they were deadly chemicals and should not be used.

BP is currently in the process of trying to deny claims for damage from all 50 states as this disaster did in fact affect our whole country.  And in the long term it has yet to be seen exactly what the totality of the negative effects will be. 
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My next review from our Red Pill Documentaries page is Loose Change, a powerful documentary created in 2005 by Dylan Avery. This film examines evidence that our government planned and perpetrated the September Eleventh attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

This is the second edition of this film. It was released in 2006 and within four months had over 4 million views online becoming the first internet blockbuster. The amount of evidence uncovered by Avery in this documentary is staggering. To one with knowledge of this evidence, it becomes more than apparent that our government lied to us about what happened on September 11, 2001.
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It would seem that we are seeing a toning down in reference to the assertion that the $26 trillion stolen by the banking elite is going to be paid back with interest by the American people.  In an interview on CNN on Sunday, Rand Paul seemed to have lost his sneer and tone of arrogance and did not say the words, “Social Security” one time.  And Paul Ryan has apparently decided he needs to go out into the general public and find out what the people on the streets want as opposed to the wants put forth from the 80% of the top 10% that bought and paid for his Senate seat. 

Well just in case they are reading these articles, I will make it clear as to what this American wants. Continue reading “99ers HR 589 Supporters – The House Reunited”

TEPCO and the Japanese government are making new claims that they are going to reduce the radioactivity from the Fukushima plant over the next three months.  As mentioned in previous articles the radioactive material being emitted by the plant is now spread around the world.  It is literally impossible to ascertain to what extent the radioactive materials are affecting our own country as there seems to be a blackout of information.  Surely we have our own atomic experts monitoring the radioactivity and no doubt at great expense to the American taxpayer.  The only explanation for the news blackout is that the situation is so bad that those in power fear it could upset the status quo. 

Now, to the matter of radiated seawater.  Apparently there was a huge jump in the radiation levels just offshore from the Fukushima plant on Friday, sparking concerns of a new leak. 
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99ers and middle class, can any of you still remember clear back to September of 2010?  The midterm elections were afoot and the main issue of the election according to every news source from every venue was jobs, jobs, jobs.   And did I say jobs?  Well we all know what has transpired since then and that has been no jobs, no jobs, no jobs.  And did I say tax cuts for the filthy rich? 

Now apparently a year and a half before the fact, the 2012 presidential campaign is in full swing, and once again it is jobs, jobs, jobs.  I swear these people think they have us trained like dogs.  All they have to do is whistle and we come a running to them with our tongues hanging out for the promise of a pat on the head. 
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