Well another week has passed and the only break in the Fukushima Power Plant news blackout in the mainstream was a short report showing a robot going into one of the contaminated reactors.  It is being reported in the alternate media that radiation levels have fallen to the point that humans will be going into the Number 1 Reactor.  As this reported reduction in radiation levels is not being explained as to how it could occur considering the exposed rods, quite frankly I do not believe it.

If you look at the refusal to report on the relevant facts associated with Fukushima, how can you believe any tidbit that asserts the positive?  We are talking about a nuclear power plant in meltdown.  In the real world we should be seeing at least daily reports in reference to the permeation of radiation in the United States.  It is absolute that to one degree or another we are being radiated more every day, from the air, to the sea, to the land, and to the bodies of every creature. 
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The propaganda coming out of the mainstream is unceasing in hyping the purported killing of Osama Bin Laden as the attempt to establish a new standard for the invasion of foreign sovereigns continues.  I think the biggest problem the propagandists are having is that the design of their propaganda for the past twenty years has been to dumb the American people down and reduce their memory span to about a week. 

If you look at it, it has taken a week of solid propaganda to keep the issue of the death of Bin Laden alive for that span of time.  If the propaganda abruptly stopped, I believe it would leave the minds of about 50% of the population within a single week. 
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“If you are going to say, we’re not going to cut entitlements, you are saying we are going to go bankrupt.”  Or so says the filthy rich Ben Stein.  Certainly this man does not have an agenda.   Stein went on to say, “It is going to be hard cheese on a lot of us, such as old people” referring to himself as a part of that group.  Stein has never suffered a day in his life.  He is an elitist and a good friend of the ultra rich and powerful degenerate, Henry Kissinger. 

On an earlier appearance Stein said he did not understand how anyone could blame the oil companies for the high price of oil.  Well I’ll tell you how, you neo-con piece of dirt, when we are robbed at the pumps that money is going right into the pockets of the grossly filthy rich oil barons.  There are now four ultra elite oil companies which shows an ongoing consolidation of money and power in the industry, as that number was eight back in the eighties. 
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The mainstream propagandists are attempting to completely detach the American citizens from reality.  More and more people I talk with are saying the same thing, “What planet are they on?”  There is at present massive flooding along the Mississippi and we all know of the damage done to our country by the tornadoes.  Twenty-five percent unemployment, rising prices on all necessities, massive debt, and a dying dollar; wouldn’t you think that as real reporters they would be living on the steps of Capitol Hill?  Our country is in a crisis, and I believe it is worse than the Great Depression.

During the Great Depression our resources had hardly been tapped and we were still in the process of building our industrial base.  In short, there was a way out and in all due honesty there is a way out of this present mess we are in.  It is simple and we have discussed it numerous times.
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The propaganda machine was forced to shift out of 9/11-happened-yesterday mode as the “official” unemployment rates rose to 9% in light of 474,000 new jobless claims last week.  And believe it or not they are trying to say that the unemployment situation is actually looking up.  Because, they say, 244,000 jobs were added last month by the private sector. 

This 244,000 number is put out by the big business corporate lying scum that are thriving right now.  Of course the number is a lie as even the phony numbers put out by our so called government show no new jobs.  And remember this 244,000 is supposed to be for an entire month, while the 474,000 represents a single week.
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There were 474,000 new jobless claims this week.  When the weekly number dropped to 375,000, they dropped the unemployment rate.  I guess now that it jumped to 474,000 they will kick it back up to 10.5%.  I heard one commentator saying that he thought the Oregon extension could have been the reason for the massive increase.  Wrong.  In Oregon we filed on our old claims and the 22,000 that filed for the extension were not counted as filing new jobless claims. 

There is no more sugar coating this mess and they know it.  That why they had to throw out a nine year old frozen corpse to resurrect 9/11 from the dead.  Things are bad in every quarter and our so called representatives are making a conscious effort to not talk about it. 
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President Obama is now refusing to release the photos of the dead Osama Bin Laden, using as an excuse that the release might cause an increase in violence in Afghanistan.  What an assertion, saying violence might increase in a war zone and that danger to our troops might heighten.  We know he does not care about our soldiers or he would not have them in Afghanistan fighting a phony war being perpetrated for nothing more than money.

The mainstream propagandists are now labeling those who believe Sunday night’s raid in Pakistan was a staged event as “Deathers” using a play on the slang “Birthers” who do not believe Obama was born in the United States, and “Truthers” who believe our government was involved in 9/11. 
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It is being reported that Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi will be indicted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court on charges that could include unlawful detention, torture, persecution and murder.  I would like to understand how this International Court works and who decides who will be prosecuted and who will not. 

George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld falsified evidence that was used as cause for invading Afghanistan and Iraq.  In Iraq hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children were literally murdered in the most heinous fashion imaginable.   And the international criminals who perpetrated these crimes walk about openly among us.
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Obama releases his birth certificate.  The royal wedding entrances the world.  Bin Laden is killed.  All of these events have occurred in just one week.  It gives the feeling that we have moved into a new era and it is not a good one.  In the past week there has not been one mention of the Fukushima Power Plant.  No updates in reference to radiation levels; in the land, air, or sea. They are not even telling us at what stage of meltdown the plant is currently in.  I don’t know about you but these matters are far more important to me than Obama’s birth certificate, some royal getting wed in another country, or a terrorist getting killed.

One thing that did strike an interest with me in the mainstream propaganda was the report that said WikiLeaks documents show several communications wherein it is asserted that there are numerous dirty bombs in Europe and the United States that Muslim extremists have said would be detonated if Osama Bin Laden was killed.  Continue reading “Japan’s Fukushima Power Plant and Dirty Bombs”

What is going on in the news is certainly no secret as the Bin Laden barrage continues for the fifth straight day.  Congress has been back in session since Monday and I personally would like to know what those traitors are up to.  Well I guess most important to the 99ers would be what our self imposed champion, Barbara Lee, is doing to push HR 589 before the House. 

Let’s see, well actually she is not doing anything for the 99ers.  She wrote President Obama a letter calling for an expedited draw down of troops in Afghanistan in light of Bin Laden’s death, ah there he is again.  And she’s working diligently to reestablish woman’s health care in Washington DC, which has nothing to do with 99ers as we can’t afford health care.
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My next review from our Red Pill Documentaries page is The Obama Deception. This film was released by Alex Jones on March 12, 2009 shortly after Obama’s inauguration. In July of 2010 The Obama Deception was removed, without reason, from You Tube after receiving over 6 million views. After receiving complaints of censorship, You Tube restored the unedited version on their site.

In The Obama Deception Jones gives evidence that heads of the Consul on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group, have had control over every American president going back as far as Lyndon Johnston. Jones shows that Obama is nothing more than the latest front man, put in place by the elite.
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As I announced in an earlier article I received a six week unemployment extension from the State of Oregon.  Now it is looking like it is only going to be a four week extension, as 22,000 people filed and there is not sufficient money for a full six weeks.  That is 22,000 people who have not been counted as unemployed for about a year now, thus showing once again that the numbers being put out by the federal government are completely and deliberately false. 

We have been giving Pakistan about $4 billion per year for the past ten years.  The majority of this money has been pocketed by a few of its highest officials.  $40 billion would have easily financed a Tier 5 unemployment extension.  But what the hell, we are just lowly American citizens with no claim whatsoever to the wealth being produced by our nation’s natural resources.
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Well 99ers, Congress reconvened yesterday, not that anyone noticed as every mainstream broadcast was inundated with “Bin Laden is dead.”  I don’t really see what the big deal is, everyone out there does realize that this is the ninth time he has been dead.  Yes you heard me correctly, nine times.  Back in April of 2002 Alex Jones interviewed one Steve Pieczenik who was Henry Kissinger’s right hand man.  Pieczenik said at that time that Osama Bin Laden was dead and that his body was being kept in deep freeze, waiting to be brought forth when it would be of great political advantage.  Well I guess that day came.

Obama was down in the polls and the great Nobel Peace Prize winner had just found himself responsible for the deaths of three little children in Libya.  All of this being reported as the Al Qaida in Libya were cheering in the streets for the murder of those three little children. 
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Hey, did you hear?  We got Bin Laden.  Another old CIA asset bites the dust.  That is if he was actually alive to be killed in a mansion/compound where they say he has been living for the past three years.  Is that limburger cheese I smell?  I guess everyone had better shut their mouths in even uttering the words, “Cut defense spending.”  I mean hell, we got Bin Laden.  He is now no longer a threat to the people of the United States and at the low, low price of only $1 trillion.  Who could possibly complain?

Personally I am ecstatic as somehow 36 degrees feels warmer this morning and that bowl of oatmeal was more than enough to suffice until dinner.  Happy days are here again, Bin Laden is dead.  Just when I thought this propaganda blitz had been pushed to its maximum extreme, bam, it is double down. 
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Osama Bin Laden has been killed.  Mission accomplished.  There can be no doubt to the legitimacy of this claim as it has been made by the United States government that has never, nor will ever lie to its people or the people of the world.  At least I hope so, as over the past ten years the killing of Bin Laden has been like blowing out a trick birthday candle. 

How convenient that the body was dumped in the ocean, reportedly with Obama’s birth certificate stuffed in an inside pocket.  But hey, not to worry, we have a picture.  No doubt the propagandists will wait for those who are reporting the truth to challenge the validity of the claim, after which they will whip out a picture of an Arab with half of his face blown off and declare it as proof positive, just like they did the birth certificate. 
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An attempted assassination of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi went according to plan.  Except Gaddafi was not killed, however his youngest son, Saif al-Arab, and three of his grandchildren were.  Here at From the Trenches we told you that the predator drone has become the United States’ favorite means of political assassination.  Of course targeting foreign heads of state violates international law, but since when has the United States or its allies cared about any law.

In 1986 the US bombed Libya and killed Gaddafi’s adopted daughter, Hanna.  So we have now killed two of his children and three of his grandchildren.  Of course NATO is denying targeting Gaddafi; I guess it was just a matter of chance that bombs that were supposed to destroy military targets hit his residence where he and his family were staying.
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It is estimated that more than 800 tornadoes have struck the United States in April, setting a new record.  The previous record number of tornadoes during the month of April was 267 set in 1974.  The previous record number of tornadoes during any month was 542 set in May 2003.  The extent of the damage cannot be yet calculated but it is certainly safe to label the storms as a catastrophe. 

Just two days of the storms on April 28th and 29th caused 346 deaths and rising and thousands injured, making this one event the third deadliest tornado outbreak on record.  Thousands have been left homeless and in some instances the nearest shelter is as far as fifty miles away. 
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Well Congress will be reconvening today and I’m sure HR 589 and the 99ers will be the furthest things from their minds.  The big debate that will overshadow everything else will be the debt ceiling.  Of course we have discussed many times how to illuminate the debt in a way that will cause no harm to any middle class or poor person, or even those in the top 10% who were not involved in the theft of our $26 trillion.  But the logic in simply taking back the money from those who stole it will not even be discussed by those bought and paid for by the international corporate mafia.

I actually heard one talking head on FOX Business defending the enormous profits being made by the oil companies that are coming directly out of the pockets of the American consumers.  He stated, “What right do we have to blame the oil companies?” 
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Well the neo-cons are coming at us full force riding on the wave of confusion created by the big birth certificate release and the royal wedding.  I am going to make something perfectly clear today.  Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, John Boehner, Michelle Bachman, Eric Cantor, Newt Gingrich, and John McCain are neo-cons.  These are some of the same rat bastards that helped George W. Bush bring our country to its knees when they held the power under that regime. 

Their top propagandists are Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Stuart Varney, and Andrew Napolitano.  These people represent and have always represented 80% of the top 10%.  When they say this country is going broke, that is a truth.  When they say there must be cuts in spending, that is a half truth.  When they say Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid have to be cut, that is a lie. 
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The number of new jobless claims filed for the week was 429,000, the highest number since January.  There are 8.2 million Americans drawing unemployment benefits.  There are 15 million 99ers and probably another 10 million long term unemployed.  We are losing jobs by the thousands every day, both to downsizing in the United States and through their export to other countries.  Yet I heard a journalist say the unemployment rate dropped to 8%.

There is only one way all of this can make sense.  There must have been a massive explosion on the sun that shifted us into a parallel universe wherein the laws of math and physics that we have known all of our lives cease to exist.  The equation, e=mc2, is now BS=QE2 times the rate of inflation at the speed of light (25 mph) divided by 1 (which is the number people who actually believe this shit anymore) = 8% unemployment in a booming economy.  I guess now that we understand it we can all stop worrying and get on with our lives.
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