The cold shutdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan is turning out to be just another lie as the temperature in the number 2 reactor has risen to 82 degrees Celsius, indicating that the meltdown is still occurring.  When is the last time you have seen live footage coming out of Japan in reference to Fukushima in the mainstream media?  The International Atomic Industry has spared no expense in removing the Fukushima meltdown from the mainstream reality.

As predicted on this site as Fukushima has been removed and swept under the carpet, not only are we not looking at doing away with nuclear energy, but all plans for further reactors in the US are going forward like nothing ever happened.
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The industrial war complex is showing its agitation at not being allowed to invade Syria as it has become common knowledge throughout our population that any such move would invoke a response from Russia and China that would more than likely precipitate World War III.

Dual citizen, Zionist infiltrator, Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman, appearing on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley, attempted to make the case for further United States sponsored terrorism in Syria and Iran, saying that hundreds more will be killed in Syria and that United States’ interests in the Middle East demand that we take nothing off the table in reference to our possible responses.
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Something for nothing.  This is the cry of the propagandists for the next phase of the campaign to blame poverty on the poor, and a declining middle class on a failed work ethic.  You see the problem with our country according to the corporate elite is all the freebies being showered upon the 99%.  Their contention is that a person who has worked for 30 or 40 years and then lost their job, their home, and their retirement is now living the Life of Riley on food stamps.

In short the elite are saying the poor and working poor do not want to work because they are enjoying their new station in life as a part of the impoverished, and oh, the outrage at these food stamp recipients getting something for nothing.
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Rick Santorum is now coming forth, trying to present himself as the “True Constitutionalist”.  Ricky is taking parts of Ron Paul’s platform and trying to morph them into neo-con constitutionalism.  The fact is neo-conservatism/national socialism is just as repugnant to the ideals of individual freedoms and liberties contained in our Constitution as is the soviet socialism being pushed by the insurgent Obama.

Rick Santorum says the government is oppressing us but how is he defining this oppression?  Well apparently you and I, as individuals, are being oppressed because the big oil companies are not being allowed to drill in the Alaskan wilderness, secure the Keystone Pipeline for Canada and China, and allow fracturing extract of natural gas which produces massive amounts of poisons.
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New jobless claims came in at 358,000 for the week, seasonally adjusted of course, which is to say fraudulently conveyed.  Grab up a handful of pennies and count them.  When you are done, seasonally adjust those numbers and tell me what you did with the pennies you took away.  Did they cease to exist or did you just put them in another pile?

The question as to how many people went into an unemployment office or online and filed a new claim would seem as simple as counting pennies, would it not?  The actual number for the week of individuals who went into an unemployment office or online and filed a new claim is 397,810; meaning 38,810 were adjusted away for the season.  And what season is that?  Well election season of course.
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The mainstream propaganda machine seems to be in damage control mode.  New revelations showing wanton fraud in the mainstream, so called reporting of the primary and caucus election returns, has about destroyed whatever small amount of credibility the mainstream had left.  It had become apparent to all that the entire election process is corrupt through and through.

The mainstremers, in declaring winners with as little as 1% of the vote counted, have simply reached the realms of the truly ridiculous.  And now, in instituting measures designed to reestablish credibility, they have gone off the deep end on the other side.
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The propaganda machine launched the lie of 8.3% unemployment on the first of the month.  As stated in yesterday’s article it is the way of the propaganda campaign to support a lie through various forms of disinformation from a hundred different angles.  You will have noticed that the main lie of the drop in unemployment has kind of magically disappeared for the moment, and again, this is a part of the strategy.

As the supporting lies are revealed we will report them to you so that we the people can use our media, the internet, to shove the elites’ lies right back in their faces.

The first angle the propagandists have taken is in reference to income discrepancy.  Again, this is an attempt to create an illusion wherein the wealth is not being further transferred from the poor and middle class to the rich.
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Al Qaeda in Syria are losing ground in reference to their uprising and the cry is coming from every mainstream media source for the United States to “Stop the slaughter.”  The footage coming out of Syria is truly heart wrenching, especially the dead and wounded children.  Syrian rebels are saying, “The world is culpable” and “All should be ashamed.”

The truth is the Syrian rebels should have known what they were getting themselves into.  The current president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad’s father also put down many coups during his reign, in particular ordering the Hama massacre of 1982, which has been described as “the single deadliest act by any Arab government against its own people in the modern Middle East”.
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Unemployment has dropped to 8.3%.  Unemployment has dropped to 8.3%.  Unemployment has dropped to 8.3%.  Repeat a lie enough times and it becomes the truth.  The economy is improving.  Iran is our enemy.  Israel is our friend.  And Ron Paul cannot be elected president of the United States.  These are not just repetitive lies, this is propaganda being forced and reinforced from a hundred different angles, right down to the cops beating our people in the streets.

We have seen 23 months of steady job creation.  This is the latest lie being perpetuated.  Do the elitists think that the poor and middle class have no memories, or is it that in putting drugs in our water and food they believe they have reduced our memory span to two weeks?  I believe most can remember the last three years quite well as they have been hard years, and for those at the bottom, a living hell.
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The State of Israel has come forth to declare that they fully intend to attack the sovereign country of Iran and have even indicated a timeframe, which would be sometime between April and October of this year.  And of course it is being asserted emphatically by our Zionist controlled government that the United States will enter this war literally the day after the Israeli attack.

This is an absolute affirmation of the fact that the United States has become the servant of the Zionist State of Israel and that we the people are disenfranchised.  The very notion that we still have a representative government has become a running joke around the planet and even into the third world.
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Once again the international elite have shown their complete contempt for the American people of the American race as the elitist candidate Mitt Romney is portrayed as winning Nevada’s GOP Caucus, in spite of the fact that this contention defies logic and reality right down to the ground.  If we are to believe the results of this fraudulent election we would have to believe that a majority of the 99% are voting for Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

Mitt Romney was CEO of Bain Capital and it is undisputed that he has actively participated in dismantling US factories and moving them overseas for profit.  It is also undeniable that Romney has offshore accounts which are being used to further destroy our economy and move our jobs out of our country.
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We have all noticed that the issue of illegal immigration has been removed from the mainstream.  There can be no doubt that foreign nationals have already voted in our primaries and caucuses and that these insurgents are voting 100% for the status quo.  And why shouldn’t they?  They know they will not be prosecuted for participating in election fraud any more than they are prosecuted for stealing the social security numbers of our children and collecting welfare in amounts that equate to a middle class lifestyle.

In other words, the status quo has been very good to the insurgency, and of course for every dollar given to one of these foreign nationals, a dollar is taken away from an American citizen.  This reality was omnipresent during the Christmas season as those who could afford to buy presents for their loved ones spoke no English.
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“Don’t get excited about the headlines when there is no substance behind them.”  Amilya Antonetti made this statement on an interview with FOX Business’s Cavuto Friday.  Ms. Antonetti, a business mentor, said she had just come in off the road.  The essence of her position was that the reporting in the mainstream is not matching the reality on the streets in reference to this so called recovery, which like all the other so called recoveries before it, is an out and out fraud.

Cavuto, when trying to talk out of both sides of his mouth at once, admitted that the way the unemployment rate is calculated has been changed and that that is why the number went down, not because of any improvements in the economy or the jobs market.
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The people of Nevada and Maine are stepping up to the plate, bending over, and preparing to be disenfranchised right up their backsides through the soviet style voter fraud.  Nevada has a 12.6% unemployment rate and Maine has a 7% rate.  I would have to think that the people in Nevada are well awake to the fact that not only is there no recovery, but we are in fact falling deeper into depression every day.

The mainstream propagandists have decided to continue to lie the unemployment rate down, even pointing out in their own reports that they have used a different denominator in making their calculations.
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New filings for unemployment benefits came in at 367,000 and the propagandists are hailing this pathetic number as a sign that the job market is slowly healing.  Everyone out there does realize that these unemployment numbers are now being seasonally adjusted.

Personally I would like to know just how that works.  The number is supposed to represent those individuals who lost their jobs, came into the unemployment office, and filed for benefits in a single week.  So how in the hell do you seasonally adjust this number?
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For the past fifty years the international corporate mafia has been using race, gender, age, class status, and religion to divide the American people in order to position themselves to inflict tyranny upon us all.  Today Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat, standing at the podium, was telling us how he was down on his knees talking to God.  And apparently God agrees with Obama’s policies.  I guess God must be a registered Democrat.

It is interesting to observe how the politicians get religion every few years when coming up on an election.  Of course on the other side you have Newt Gingrich saying that Obama has launched a war on religion in the United States.  Newt Gingrich, now there’s an example of a righteous man.
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It is being estimated that the United States will incur another $1.1 trillion budget deficit in 2012.  As our country is bankrupt, this cannot be considered a good thing, and remember we have already made drastic cuts.  If there is anyone out there who has not seen film footage from the 1920s Weimar Republic in Germany, you might better take a look.  And if you think it cannot happen here, I for one would like to know why.

Quantitative easing is nothing new.  It was indeed this same system that led to the devaluation of the German mark to the point that when a basket of them was found, the paper money was dumped and the basket was taken.  Think about that.
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Well it is Florida’s turn up to bat and it would seem the mainstream propagandists will probably be taking the day off as they have already recorded their reporting of the results.  I know there are a lot of patriotic Americans of the American race in the State of Florida but to pretend that the New York Branch of the Kosher Mafia does not control Florida would be naïve.  Florida is where all the old traitors go to retire and enjoy the ill begotten wealth they have stolen from the rest of us.  And to think that the vote in Florida is not already fixed is just unrealistic.

Now before all you Floridians jump on the comments section to chastise me for dissing on your state, be advised I was born in Florida and have made a few trips back over the years.  I know what has happened to the State of Florida.  Hell, we might as well chop it off and slide it over against Cuba where it will fit in better.  That is not to say that hope is lost, I’m sure that when we take our Republic back and reinstate our Constitution we can make Florida the truly awesome state it was before the sellout and invasion.
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By pushing through new appointments to his National Labor Relations Board and his so-called Consumer Financial Protection Bureau—without any consent from the Senate—President Obama is shredding our Constitution.

Utah Senator Mike Lee, a former constitutional lawyer, has stood up against Obama and blamed the President for using “deeply flawed legal reasoning”:
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The Occupy movement has made it back into the mainstream via confrontations with the US Gestapo in Oakland.  It is good to see the protesters adapting in the face of the ever increasing violence being committed against them by the treasonous authorities attempting to enforce the dictates of the corporate elite.  Signs do indeed make formidable shields.

The protesters in Oakland actually maneuvered to lock their shields when they were fired upon by police who were shooting tear gas canisters, concussion grenades, bean bags, and rubber bullets.  The mainstream propagandists are reporting that the protesters were attempting to occupy an empty building and this is why force was used upon them.  If you examine the footage from Oakland you will see the police aggressively attacking the protesters who were merely marching down a street.
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