So let’s take a look at the farm subsidy programs.  For conservation: $4.7 billion.  Price supports: $7.1 billion.  Crop insurance: $3.7 billion.  That is a total of $15.5 billion.  That would pay for a 14 week extension for the 99ers.  So tell me, are you hating these damn farmers yet?  Well I’m not.  The excesses they are showing in the mainstream propaganda are being funneled into the pockets of the corporate farmers, at the same time as what is left of our family farmers are being attacked from every angle, in an effort to run them out of business and allow the corporation to take their land.

It is kind of like attacking the welfare recipient that is living 100% below the poverty level while ignoring the corporate welfare recipients who are out to destroy us all.  It has been common practice for the last 50 years for huge corporate farms to move into an area and start growing and selling crops at a loss for the sole purpose of breaking the family farms. 
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Advocates for illegal immigrants are gearing up to push their cause in the 2012 elections.  Congressman Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat from Illinois, is on a 20 city immigration tour designed to put pressure on perspective candidates to procure their promise to pass “The Dream Act” if elected. 

This man is on the United States federal payroll, which is to say we the people, et. al. are going to pay for this man to travel around our country and push the cause of people from another country.  And as these people have broken our laws and crossed our borders illegally, he is in fact aiding and abetting criminals who are causing harm to every legal citizen in our country.  This man freely states that he represents illegals.   I say the only way he can support illegals is at the expense of the rest of us. 
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It has been one year since the deepwater Horizon oil rig, owned by British Petroleum, exploded and began pumping oil into the Gulf of Mexico.  And contrary to the propaganda it has in no way been cleaned up.  The people in the Gulf States are still suffering not only from the effects of the tar that continues to wash ashore, but also from the dispersants that were sprayed in the ocean in spite of the fact that the EPA said they were deadly chemicals and should not be used.

BP is currently in the process of trying to deny claims for damage from all 50 states as this disaster did in fact affect our whole country.  And in the long term it has yet to be seen exactly what the totality of the negative effects will be. 
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My next review from our Red Pill Documentaries page is Loose Change, a powerful documentary created in 2005 by Dylan Avery. This film examines evidence that our government planned and perpetrated the September Eleventh attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

This is the second edition of this film. It was released in 2006 and within four months had over 4 million views online becoming the first internet blockbuster. The amount of evidence uncovered by Avery in this documentary is staggering. To one with knowledge of this evidence, it becomes more than apparent that our government lied to us about what happened on September 11, 2001.
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It would seem that we are seeing a toning down in reference to the assertion that the $26 trillion stolen by the banking elite is going to be paid back with interest by the American people.  In an interview on CNN on Sunday, Rand Paul seemed to have lost his sneer and tone of arrogance and did not say the words, “Social Security” one time.  And Paul Ryan has apparently decided he needs to go out into the general public and find out what the people on the streets want as opposed to the wants put forth from the 80% of the top 10% that bought and paid for his Senate seat. 

Well just in case they are reading these articles, I will make it clear as to what this American wants. Continue reading “99ers HR 589 Supporters – The House Reunited”

TEPCO and the Japanese government are making new claims that they are going to reduce the radioactivity from the Fukushima plant over the next three months.  As mentioned in previous articles the radioactive material being emitted by the plant is now spread around the world.  It is literally impossible to ascertain to what extent the radioactive materials are affecting our own country as there seems to be a blackout of information.  Surely we have our own atomic experts monitoring the radioactivity and no doubt at great expense to the American taxpayer.  The only explanation for the news blackout is that the situation is so bad that those in power fear it could upset the status quo. 

Now, to the matter of radiated seawater.  Apparently there was a huge jump in the radiation levels just offshore from the Fukushima plant on Friday, sparking concerns of a new leak. 
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99ers and middle class, can any of you still remember clear back to September of 2010?  The midterm elections were afoot and the main issue of the election according to every news source from every venue was jobs, jobs, jobs.   And did I say jobs?  Well we all know what has transpired since then and that has been no jobs, no jobs, no jobs.  And did I say tax cuts for the filthy rich? 

Now apparently a year and a half before the fact, the 2012 presidential campaign is in full swing, and once again it is jobs, jobs, jobs.  I swear these people think they have us trained like dogs.  All they have to do is whistle and we come a running to them with our tongues hanging out for the promise of a pat on the head. 
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The Congress passed Republicrat Paul Ryan’s budget calling for $6 trillion in cuts over the next ten years.  Among the items to be cut are unemployment insurance, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.  As soon as these dirty little two faced liars got to Washington DC, the first words dribbling out of their mouths were “entitlement cuts.”  It is their claim that Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare are causing our government to go bankrupt.  This is a lie.

When we were all working we were forced to pay into the Social Security retirement insurance trust fund.  Recently there have been numerous rulings in the federal district courts that say, in essence, that individuals cannot be forced to buy a product like insurance against their will.  That is unless the government is the insurance company. 
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Well we are all now privy to the big meeting that occurred yesterday between Barbara Lee, Bobby Scott, Eric Cantor, and John Boehner.  Barbara Lee said in her press release that Boehner encouraged them to go back and work with the Ways and Means Committee to move this bill forward.  Translation: Go screw yourself, you are not getting anything.

Representative Bobby Scott put forth the assertion that in the past if unemployment was above 7.2%, Congress has designated unemployment insurance as emergency spending.  And I believe that is what the unemployment act states.  But what is in an act?  The supreme law of the land and Supreme Court decisions affirming it are routinely violated and pissed upon every day by the corporations who now run our government.
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 Representatives Barbara Lee and Bobby Scott Meet with House Republican Leadership About Emergency Relief for the Long-Term Unemployed
April 14, 2011
Media Contact: Joel Payne, (202) 225-2661

Washington, DC – Today, Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Congressman Bobby Scott (D-VA) continued the fight to pass HR 589, the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act. Reps. Lee and Scott met today with Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), and discussed the possibility of bringing HR 589 to the House floor for a vote.
Continue reading “99ers Here is Barbara Lee's Press Release for HR 589”

Well apparently the meeting between Boehner, Cantor, Lee, and Scott did occur this morning, though it would seem it was a lot to do about nothing.   I have to believe that nothing of substance occurred because if it did Lee and Scott would have been shouting their own praise coming out the door. 

This view is further verified in that in calling Lee’s office I was told that her press agent was out of the office.  He had asked me to call him before I launched further attacks on Barbara Lee.  Continue reading “Barbara Lee, Bobby Scott, Eric Cantor and John Boehner Discuss HR 589 for 99ers”

This review from our Red Pill Documentaries page covers Police State 4-The Rise of FEMA which was released in 2010. The Rise of FEMA is the latest version of the Alex Jones Police State documentaries, and centers around the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

In this film Jones points out that this government agency has been building internment camps all over the United States, for purposes that include detention of U.S. citizens. The film also shows the executive orders, which allows FEMA to suspend the bill of rights and place us under martial law with no authority from Congress.
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Senator Rand Paul was front and center on FOX News Wednesday morning announcing plans to attack Social Security.  There is a little bit of tongue twisting propaganda that we are going to straighten out today.  Rand Paul’s and John Boehner’s crews are expounding that they will not raise taxes and in fact are going to cut taxes further for the rich corporations.  Here is the truth.  When the cuts in Social Security and Medicare are made the elderly are going to have to go to their retirement accounts to make up the shortfalls.  That is a tax on retirement accounts. 

Rand Paul says he wants to cut food stamps.  I know nobody gives a damn about the poor so let’s look at it from a different angel.  Families in our military saw an increase in the need for food stamps from $24.9 million in 2007 to $73 million in 2010 and that is just what was spent in commissaries.  Continue reading “99ers HR 589 Supporters – They are Not Going to Give, They are Going to Take More”

Once again Barry Soetoro is being compared to Ronald Regan as he comes forth with a new batch of spending cuts.  I guess you could compare the two in that they both represent rich elitist traitors.  So without a mention of the 99ers or anybody else living like a dog shouldn’t in this country, here they go again. 

Just as a precursor I will let you neo-cons and your new Regan know something right out the gate.  We 99ers and those still left in the middle class are way past tired of being trickled on by the corporate elite.  What every American needs to understand is that Obama and his crew, Boehner and his crew, and Rand Paul and his crew all defecate through the same hole.  We have to see them for what they are; a troupe of actors.  They are handed a script, they practice their parts, and then they put on a performance.  In each performance some wear black hats and some wear white hats and all are shooting for an Academy Award. 
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The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a stay of Arizona’s immigration law.  The Arizona law provides for law enforcement to check the legal status of anyone they suspect of being a non-citizen.  When I am pulled over for a traffic stop the plate on my car and my driver license is run by the officer and if my papers are not in order I am handcuffed, taken to jail, and held until I straighten the matter out to their satisfaction.  The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has just sanctioned invasion.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was outraged, telling President Obama that if he would do his job and enforce the law, the people of Arizona wouldn’t have to be doing it for him.   She further indicated that the federal government was trying to run the sovereign state of Arizona out of time and money in an effort to protect felons from another country. 
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The Fukushima Nuclear Plant is now being referred to as “Japan’s Chernobyl” as the radiation threat level is raised from 5 to 7.  Of course do not be surprised if next week the threat level is back down to 5 again and those in the governments and the mainstream media are pretending that today never happened.  Nuclear radioactivity is frightening but what is more frightening is the cover up. 

Last week we reported that 11,000 tons of radioactive water from the Fukushima reactors was taken by ship out to sea and dumped.  This story was in the mainstream for one day.  The next day the mainstream showed the Japanese towing a huge fishing platform into the area and it was reported that the radioactive water being pumped from the reactors and storage facilities would be stored on the barge.
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Apparently John Boehner was available for interviews on Monday morning as he was trying to repair his relationship with the neo-cons which was damaged when he sold them out in this latest budget deal.  At least we know where Boehner’s priorities lie, which is in kissing the right arses. 

The point is the time he spent doing his “Boehner is a good guy” commercials could have been better spent elsewhere.  I mean what would it take, maybe five minutes to sit down with Barbara Lee and Bobby Scott, laugh in their faces, and tell them HR 589 will pass when pigs fly?  Who knows if he will ever get the time?
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The mainstream left wing propagandist, Chris Matthews, continued his bizarre attack on Donald Trump first  initiated when Trump began his investigation to settle the question once and for all, “Is Barak Obama a United States citizen or not?”   The deeper Trump digs the more it seems that the evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii does not exist.  The more evident this truth becomes the more pitiful Matthews defense of Obama follows suit.  In fact he seems bordering on the edge of desperate as more and more people are coming forth and stating the obvious.

It seems that the person who issued the certificate of live birth would have had to, and says he did; look at the original birth certificate.  Now wouldn’t it seem logical that if the birth certificate did indeed exist it would be a simple matter for the President of the United States to obtain it and hold it up high for the world to see?  All speculation aside, why would you not?
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A majority of Americans have seen or at least know of the 1984 movie classic Red Dawn.  The film portrayed a Soviet invasion of the continental United States wherein a group of high school students identifying themselves with their high school mascot (the Wolverines) are forced through circumstances to form up into a guerilla force conducting operations behind enemy lines.  The film was a big hit as the Soviet Union and its allies in Nicaragua was considered the greatest threat to the United States at that time.

In the fall of 2009 plans were put forth for a remake of Red Dawn, this time, rather than Soviets and Nicaraguans in Colorado, it was to be Chinese invading the US and set in Washington State.  The new film was to be completed and released in November, 2010.  The filming was completed however the release was stopped.  And who stopped it?  It was indeed the Chinese government.  Evidently the properties held by the Chinese government in the United States and the money and power they represent caused MGM to rethink Red Dawn. 
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Ousted Egyptian President Mubarak, speaking for the first time in public since his fall from power said he had committed no crimes and would sue anyone who said otherwise.  Mubarak is being shown in a kinder light in the United States these days I suppose as a reward for his stepping down with little fight.  Approximately 300 Egyptian protesters have been killed to date as what is being billed as a counter revolution seems to be materializing.  Egyptians want Mubarak prosecuted for theft and corruption.  

I guess Libyan President Gaddafi showed the Africans that resistance is not futile.  I cannot believe that with 300 deaths in Egypt the U.S. has not invaded yet.  I suppose next week we will find out that the Egyptians are suing us for international discrimination and demanding as a redress that we bomb and then rebuild their country.  Hey it is only fair.
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