Candidate Barack Obama is now describing himself as the “Energy President”.  How many faces can one man have?  Obama was in Oklahoma City yesterday for the start of construction on the Keystone Pipeline that will bring it to south Texas.  You see, in associating himself with this project, he is trying to create the illusion that he is taking action to deal with the out of control gas prices.  What a farce.

It will take years for this section to be completed and when it is done, it will do nothing to lower gas prices in the United States.  This oil is going to Israeli owned refineries in south Texas, where it will be turned into gas and diesel, which is to be exported to China.
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Congressman Paul Ryan is stepping up center stage once again in an attempt to push the agenda of his neo-con masters.  Back in the spring of 2011, Ryan introduced “his plan” to implement austerity measures upon the old, middle class, and poor to replace $30 trillion that the elite who own him had stolen from we the people.  Senior citizens across the country unleashed in defiance and Ryan and company backed off.

I’m sure he went to his corporate controllers and informed them that an attempted takeover of the Social Security account at that time would destroy any chances the neo-cons have of taking the White House from the Obama led soviet socialists.  After which his corporate masters told him to lay low for a while and simply allow them to steal a few more trillion to be added to the debt through contractual deficit spending.
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RT News   Presidential hopeful Ron Paul has publicly attacked the Obama administration’s abolishment of due process in a new editorial, calling the move a turning point in American history.

Responding to Attorney General Eric Holder’s recent justification for the extrajudicial killings of three American citizens on foreign soil, Republican Party candidate Ron Paul has penned a scathing op-ed condemning the White House for circumventing the US Constitution. Earlier this month Holder spoke at Chicago’s Northwestern Law School to discuss last year’s execution of alleged terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki and two other US-born clerics in Yemen, a decision he says the White House still defends despite criticism from citizens and lawmakers alike.
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The patriotic American people of the American race continue to come out in ever increasing numbers in support of Dr. Ron Paul and in defiance of disenfranchisement.  Our numbers have grown in such proportion as to make it no longer feasible to simply disenfranchise through a fraudulent, behind the doors, counting of the vote and disposal of thereafter.

In Missouri Saturday, caucus goers in St. Charles were actually disbanded by so called law enforcement when they attempted to use the lawful procedures put out by the Republican Party to take over the proceedings.  The caucus goers were well educated, well organized, and completely within their rights and the law.
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When Rick Santorum first came on the scene, he was nothing more than a laughable little weirdo that no one could possibly take seriously.  Now, via a couple of months of election fraud, his image is one of a wannabe little social dictator.  Rick has most recently come out with his plan to attack pornography to save the soul of our country, this after declaring that American citizens should only be allowed to have sex as an act of procreation.

Here is a bombshell for you Rick; you are not running for Pope.  According to the Bill of Rights for the Constitution of the United States, we, as free citizens, have the right to do as we please in the privacy of our own homes and the thought of your pathetic trollish little person thinking you can push your way into our bedrooms, using the power of our presidency, is unacceptable.
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I was wondering why it hadn’t happened yet.  Then on Saturday, at long last, dual citizen Syrian/Americans came onto the streets of Washington DC, demanding that the United States intervene in Syria on the side of the so called Freedom Fighters there.  And of course this event was covered by every mainstream media outlet, said outlets, which have pulled all embedded reporters from the Ron Paul Campaign.  You see this is what has become important in our country, the wants of foreigners.

John McCain has also been front and center, demanding air strikes in Syria, again to support the Freedom Fighters.  Tell me, are these like the freedom fighters in Egypt and Libya, you know, those freedom fighters who turned out to be American hating Al Qaeda, after we armed them and forced their adversaries out of power?
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The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, the MLB Playoffs and the World Series, NCAA Bowl Games, NFL Playoffs and the Super Bowl, the NBA playoffs, and the March Madness Championship games, every basketball fan has filled out his or her bracket after closely following every game and every statistic leading up to the great event.

President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron attended an NCAA tournament game in the presidential election swing state of Ohio.  If you are a truly devoted basketball fan you will vote to reelect Obama, as to do otherwise would be an insult to the game and will surely mark you as an outsider.
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At From the Trenches we have been trying to convey to the people that our natural resources are being raped and stolen by the international corporate mafia.  This Executive Order signed on March 16, 2012 by the international insurgent Barack Obama seizes all property in the United States for the soviet socialist totalitarian military dictatorship, in times of war or peace.  This is not a theory, it is a fact.

Coupled with signing of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 containing the Sections 1021 and 1022 – military arrests and indefinite detention, and the HR 347 Trespass Bill, and the already implemented Patriot Act, we are witnessing an attempted coup.  All that is left is gun confiscation, mass arrests, and Gulags.
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This Executive Order represents a takeover of our body politic by the international soviet socialist insurgency of which Barack Hussein Obama is acting Premier in coalition with the one world soviet socialist order.

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A wave of defiance is building in opposition to the blatant election fraud as thinking Americans are making it their business to investigate and document the thousand and one ways the American voter is being disenfranchised through different schemes.

It is now being shown that corporations, not government agents, are in control of the mechanisms that sort our votes, which they can count or discount at their whim.  I think all can agree that the dire straits our country finds itself in today can be directly attributed to the corporate corruption and takeover of our government.
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The elitist neo-cons wearing their $5000 suits have taken up the cry for Paul Ryan’s so called entitlement reforms again, in particular, cuts to social security.  I love the way they call this an entitlement.  Social Security is a direct payroll deduction for retirement insurance.

Once again the issue of baby boomers is being brought up and of course it is being said that when the baby boomers began their working careers there were sixteen workers paying in for every retiree.  And now of course, because the baby boomers are coming of age, there are only three workers paying for every recipient.
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At 5:30 pm Eastern Time Dexter, Michigan was hit by tornados.  Those of you who follow From the Trenches know that our broadcast, The Word From the Trenches, airs through Liberty Tree Radio located in Dexter, Michigan.

The studio is run by the Koernke family.  There has been extensive property damage, including the studio.  The entire Koernke family made it through the tornados, holing up in their basement.  They are all okay.
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The mainstream propagandists are looking more ridiculous every day as they scramble to do damage control for the international elitist insurgency, which is literally coming apart before our very eyes.  I think the propagandists have given up on any hope of preserving even the smallest amount of credibility as they have thrown their lot 100% with the insurgents.

Just look at the absurdity right before our eyes.  A sitting president has had impeachment proceedings filed against him.  Not a word in the mainstream.  They continue to act as if Ron Paul has dropped out of the race when their own minions are crying out on the web that the Republican Party is being taken over by the Ron Paul Revolution.
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As we close in on the election we are being inundated by the mainstream propagandists with ten thousand little bits of dribble that are of no significance to our lives, peppered with “I thinks”.  “I think Romney will clinch the nomination by June.”  “I think Newt Gingrich will drop out if he loses Mississippi.”  “I think gas prices are hurting Obama.”  “I think we will bomb Syria.”  “I think the Iranians could have missiles pointed at the United States.”

Stop and take a good long look at what so called news reporting has become. And while they are drowning us in “I thinks” and dribbles, every so often a real event slips by.  I think I want them to stop.
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We constantly see draconian laws being put into place for the express purposes of creating revenue and further insulating the corporate elite from we the people, most recently the no-Trespass Law.  We are told these laws are necessary, but necessary for whom?  We also have others like the seat belt law which is enforced with an attitude of zero tolerance, supposedly for our safety but in reality to bolster the profits of the insurance companies.

Our Constitution dictates that we were never supposed to have laws that control our activities; in fact the only restraint on any citizen’s right is if, in exercising that right, he or she infringes upon another’s right or rights.
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Gun and ammunition sales are soaring in the United States and indeed they would be higher if not for the fact that the traitors in our bureaucratic socialist system are doing everything they can to slow down and stop firearm and ammunition imports as American manufactures push their facilities to the limits.

The international corporate mafia have made a great push against the American people of the American race in enacting Sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act that authorizes military arrests and indefinite detention of American citizens without due process of the law, and the new Trespass legislation that makes protesting in any venue occupied by the aristocracy a felonious offense.
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John McCain, in coalition with the Israeli 5th column inside our government, is all but lying down, kicking and screaming like a spoiled child, demanding that the United States start bombing Syria.

US Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, has come before our Congress and made it clear that he does not need Congressional approval to take our country to war, as our foreign affairs are now being dictated by the United Nations. Panetta should have been arrested on the spot on charges of high treason.  But of course he was not as the treachery being displayed in our highest seats of government could not exist without a majority of complicity.
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Illegal alien, Daniela Pelaez, was named valedictorian at North Miami High School.  After which, through her lawyer, she received a two year reprieve from deportation.  This young lady is being paraded front and center as the poster child for the Dream Act, which would legalize millions of illegal aliens overnight, and of course every one of them is a valedictorian, right?  Ms. Pelaez is making her choice of which college she will attend and of course that education will be subsidized by the American taxpayer.

The 5th column insurgents in our government and media want us to look upon this young lady and say it is only right that she should get to stay and have every advantage our country has to offer.
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By the time this article is published the patriotic US nationalists living in Kansas will have joined the ranks of the great unwashed, who have been disenfranchised by the international corporate mafia that has taken over and corrupted our election process absolute. Meanwhile the mainstream propagandists are pushing their lies six months into the future.

American businesses created 3 million jobs under Obama.  This statement is true, it is just incomplete as it fails to state that these jobs were created in China, India, South Korea, Indonesia, and Brazil.  In reality these jobs were not created, they were moved from the United States, along with the base industry that supported them.
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The unemployment rate stays at 8.3% as it is reported that 227,000 jobs were created in February.  I have heard it reported that these jobs were created in various industries but I have not heard which country these jobs are in.  It seems like if they were indeed created in the United States and as they have been counted; shouldn’t we be able to find out quite easily which states, counties, and cities saw the job creation?

The US Senate voted down the legislation to override Obama’s blockage of the Keystone XL Pipeline and of course this is being portrayed as an act against we the people at a time that we are facing $4 per gallon gas.  The fact is the Keystone XL Pipeline, if allowed to be completed, would benefit only the Canadians, Israelis, and Chinese, as there has never been any intent to put the finished petroleum products from Keystone on the US market as it is intended that these products be exported to the world market.
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