Does anyone out there remember just a couple of weeks ago when the war mongers here in the United States were all but on their knees begging for even the smallest concession toward a no-fly zone in Libya?  I heard one say, “Even just a few planes would be better than nothing.”  Well now, just in the short space of a few days, our humanitarian crusaders consisting of the United States Navy have been transformed into an international political hit squad.

Two tomahawk missiles hit Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s government headquarters in Tripoli Sunday night.  Of course international political assassination not only violates international law, but United States federal law.  But then we shouldn’t be surprised as it was only a couple of months ago that U.S. officials were calling for the political assassination of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange.
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Our illustrious president Barak Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat is vacationing down in South America this week or at least that is the story that the mainstream propagandists are putting out.  The fact is Barry the Rat is on a very important mission for the international corporate mafia, United States branch at large.

I’m going to tell you exactly what Barry is doing so that we can all sit back and watch it unfold as our middle class takes another hit.  You see the corporate mafia, USA branch, has a few trillion dollars stashed in overseas accounts which represent profits made by US companies in foreign countries.  
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“Operation Odyssey Dawn,” how tranquil, tends to make one feel all warm and fuzzy inside.   It’s been a mere 48 hours since the so called no-fly-zone was enacted and already American Tomahawk missiles are being fired at Libyan ground troops. 

If memory serves just a week ago we were being told that the war mongers were only seeking to stop Libyan planes by bombing air fields and air defense batteries.  I may be wrong but the last time I checked armored personnel carriers and tanks cannot fly.
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Another American military invasion in the Middle East and hey 99ers, money is no object.  This as our so called representatives are taking a week vacation from the daunting task of cutting every social program and refusing an unemployment extension because it is unfunded. 

Why are not these holier than thou crusaders acting on their mandate to the people in coming out in mass opposition to this unfunded, unprovoked, and unjust third invasion of a sovereign country in the Middle East?  I’ll tell you why.  Because this new war is going to put more money into the pockets of those our so called representatives serve.  And that is not we the people. 
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As radiation from Japan rains down on the west coast of the U.S., American war planes prepare to invade Libya, and millions of 99ers continue to suffer the grossest deprivations, King Soetoro and his wife Michelle Antoinette are basking in the sun of Brazil.  

If you think about it, Obama has become so insignificant as a leader in any sense of the word, that we should be wondering what we are paying him for.  If he completely disappeared and no one could find him the only difference would be that our corporate controllers would not be able to claim to be lording over us with any legitimacy. 
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It is now nine days since the earth quake and tsunami in Japan and it has been an interesting span of time.  We have learned that everything we have been taught about nuclear reactions and radiation was absolutely wrong.  Saturday morning CNN was reporting that radiation was as natural to our bodies as mother’s milk and sunshine. 

As for the radiation levels in the United States the reporting has been scant, however if you listen closely to the reporters it is revealed that even in their world of fantasy the radiation in Japan may very well get into our food chain.  But hey, the solution is simple.  If the cow’s milk is radiated, just do not drink it.  And of course our government officials, through the mainstream news, will let us know if the milk is radiated. 
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The severity level for the nuclear disaster in Japan rose from 4 to 5 on a scale of 1 to 7.  WHAT?!  Am I crazy, or did I see on every mainstream news channel just a few days ago that the level had gone from 6 to 7?  It has come to the point that not one word coming from the mainstream media can be believed as those reporting either do not know the facts or do not care what they are.  This can be considered as nothing short of pure propaganda.

Now let’s look at the threat to our own country.  If you at least have the memory span of one week, you know that it was originally reported that radiation from Japan could not and would not reach the United States.  And then it was reported that traces that might or might not be detectable might, could, reach our shores.  And now yesterday we were awaiting the arrival of a “radiation plume” that has arrived in our country but is not believed to contain “dangerous” levels. 
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Well Obama’s approval ratings are continuing to fall.  So I guess some more American service people had better get ready to die in Libya in order to bring them back up as the UN Security Council has okayed not only a no-fly zone but any military action deemed necessary by any country to protect the insurgents in Libya.  And when it comes to another war in the Middle East what it will cost and how it will be financed is not an issue.

This scenario should show everyone that in the international political agenda human life is not a consideration.  Think about it like this.  If the true goal was nothing more than to get an incompetent president reelected it would be an extremely simple task. 
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As we grow older we tend to get set in our ways, which is not always a good thing.  I try to keep an open mind in a never ending quest for more complete knowledge.  And just to show that I do not know everything, I will confess that I learned something new today.  Nuclear radiation really isn’t bad for your health.  So all this worrying we have been doing has been for nothing.

Do they really think we are that stupid?  Who could hope to retain an ounce of credibility by coming on national television and trying to downplay the horrific effects radiation has on the human body?  These so called experts have to be getting a lot of money for putting forth these lies. 
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New jobless claims dropped to 385,000 last week as inflation continues to rise.  There are at present 10 million 99ers.  There are over 8.9 million Americans still collecting unemployment benefits at present.  No new jobs are being created in spite of what the propagandists say. 

At this rate there could very well be 19 to 20 million 99ers by the 2012 election and if you want to count all the long term unemployed, I have to believe that that number would come in at right around 30 million. 
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So far $46 million has been donated by American citizens for relief in Japan.  $1.3 billion was donated for the Haitian disaster and $5.3 billion went to the Gulf Coast after hurricane Katrina, marking a sharp decline in American generosity.  And what is causing that decline?  Well it is a fact that most charitable donations in the United States come from our middle class, as the rich do not care in reference to misery and suffering.  That being the case as our middle class continues the shrink, so does our ability and willingness to help others.

If you think about it, if each billionaire just gave five million dollars to charity, suffering around the world could be, at minimum, reduced to the point that starvation would not be an issue.  But we need to understand that the rich elite, not only applaud starvation, but are working toward a 90% world population reduction.
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A true effective propaganda consists of three elements, truths, half-truths, and lies.  The level of propaganda coming out of Japan is truly frightening.  You have reporters telling you that the situation isn’t really that bad, others saying the situation is critical, while the third branch state that they just do not know. 

The truth is they do not know.  You see they cannot know as there has never been another situation like this.  It is chaotic and unique, which it to say anyone claiming they can predict what will happen next is a liar.
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As suspected the nuclear catastrophe in Japan is turning out to be a lot worse than originally reported.  There are now four reactors on their way to meltdown and though there is endless speculation as to what the effects will be literally on the world, the fact is all even the experts can do is speculate as nothing of this magnitude has ever happened before. 

Of course the nuclear energy companies had their mouthpieces front and center again yesterday.  However they quickly disappeared again after a couple of incidents wherein they were claiming the reactors were stable at the same time they were blowing up in the film footage being projected behind them.
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Well our so called government has sent warships to aid the Japanese and also, through the Suez Canal, to anchor off the coast of Libya.  You see the people in Libya are being oppressed.  They are not being allowed their pursuit of happiness.  Therefore, our politicians are chomping at the bit to rush to their aid.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the 99ers’ lives were thought worthy of salvation by our so called government?

The people in Wisconsin are now taking action to recall Governor Scott and his backers, both Demopublican and Republicrat, in retaliation for their blatant abuses of power in attacking the working people in that state.  The propaganda push has been that the public workers needed to lose their bargaining rights because their pay and pensions had caused a deficit. 
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The death toll in Japan continues to rise after Friday’s 9.0 earthquake followed by a tsunami.  And five days into the disaster the Japanese people are having to deal with three nuclear reactors in different stages of meltdown. 

It is a very precarious situation, made even more precarious by the mainstream media’s blatant attempt to downplay the situation, leading many to ask, “Is it so bad they cannot tell us the truth?” One nuclear specialist on CNN, Monday morning speaking just one hour after a hydrogen explosion at one of the reactors, labeled the meltdowns as “a controlled crisis.” 
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There is an article in April’s edition of Reader’s Digest titled, “How the Great Recession Changed Us.”  Talk about a blatant attempt to polish a turd.  According to the U.S. Census there was an 11.7% increase in the number of households containing more than one family between 2008 and 2010.  But this is a good thing because it makes families become closer.  Of course they don’t like each other as much anymore, but they sure as hell are closer.

500,000 people age 35 and older were forced to move back in with their parents, siblings, or other kin in the same time period.  There was an 8% increase in the number of kids who have moved back in with their grandparents from 2009 to 2010, but remember, things are getting better.
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It seems every day more and more of the world is falling into chaos, from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan to the uprisings in the Middle East and anti-government protests in Europe.  And don’t forget there is a terrorist behind every bush wanting to blow us up.  But you know what?  Being a 99er, I have to say I do not think these catastrophes are hitting my psyche one one-hundredth of what they would have in my prior life before unemployment, though I am genuinely worried about the three nuclear power plants in Japan that may be melting down.

I live in Oregon.  During the Second World War a little town about 50 miles to the east of where I live, was the only place in the continental United States to suffer casualties from a Japanese bomb.  The bomb was sent via a balloon which drifted with the weather currents and landed in Bly, Oregon where some children from a church group found it.  It was a very tragic event.
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It is March 12th and spring is creeping up on us.  Right now we have about six months of good weather ahead of us and we should not waste one second of it.  There is already a call for a Nationwide Protest on April 2nd and this is good.  And of course there is the Easter Project coming up on April 24th.  From the activity I see from website to website I think we might be finally communicating without trying to push any single agenda, hence, as individuals. 

As individuals we can win this thing, but if we want to win we cannot keep being nice about it.  We must start turning to ourselves as individuals and saying if nothing else, what can I do as an individual to strike a blow for the cause of the 99er? 
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Barbara Lee and Bobby Scott cosigned a letter that was sent to John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Dave Camp requesting their assistance in finding financing for HR 589, and also their help in plotting a course that will allow the speedy passage of the legislation.  Personally I do not see how this is going to do any good.  Remember John Boehner and company are working through a mandate that was put forth to them by the voters which says, “Destroy everyone but the rich.  Give no quarter and take no prisoners.”

Considering the recent outrageous acts committed by Wisconsin’s governor I do not think anything is going to stop this power grab, short of armed conflict.
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